State of Louisiana Selects Alcoholic Beverage Control Solution from Computronix

12/16/2019 16:14 - United States - (PR Distribution™)

DENVER, Colorado – Computronix is pleased to announce that the State of Louisiana Office of Alcohol and Tobacco Control (ATC) has chosen POSSE ABC as the State’s COTS solution to manage the administration of alcohol and tobacco permits and related law enforcement data and processes.

Serving a growing population in excess of 4.6 million citizens, and responsible for the review of more than 30,000 combined new and renewed alcohol and tobacco applications per year, Louisiana ATC’s selection of POSSE ABC replaces the State’s current ATC-GO permitting system in favour of a fully integrated web-based system for licensing, permitting, enforcement, education, label registration and all activities related to alcoholic beverage control. 

“With the State’s selection of POSSE ABC from Computronix, we are providing taxpayers with the best of both worlds: a powerful and innovative enterprise solution for alcohol and tobacco licensing, permitting and enforcement—and one that is implemented and supported by a software solution provider with a proven track record of delivering comparable solutions on time and on budget,” said Commissioner Lombard, State of Louisiana Office of Alcohol and Tobacco Control

“Powered by POSSE, an award-winning workflow automation solution inducted into the Smithsonian Institute’s collection of ground-breaking software, the POSSE ABC solution from Computronix will enable the State of Louisiana Office of Alcohol and Tobacco Control (ABC) to realize its goals for a sustainable, supportable and cost-effective enterprise solution capable of meeting the State’s alcohol and tobacco administration and enforcement tasks for this generation and the next,” said Gordon Meeberg, Vice-President of Business Development, Computronix.

POSSE ABC customers include the Arizona Department of Liquor Licensing and Control (DLLC), Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board, the State of Kansas Alcoholic Beverage Control Division, the State of New Jersey Division of Alcoholic Beverage Control, the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario and the Newfoundland-Labrador Liquor Corporation. 

Computronix is a leading provider of transformative software solutions for land management, alcohol beverage control, enterprise licensing and workflow management. A true service-centric organization, exemplified in our 100% Project Success rate and industry leading employee retention rate, Computronix is proud to serve over 40 major government clients representing over 100 million citizens from Honolulu to Halifax.


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