Sportmadness, the start-up that makes it possible to live from sports

2022-11-07 20:00:00 - England, Ireland - (PR Distribution™)

Sportmadness is a franchise network of sports events and academies that continues its international expansion, reaching 40 franchisees around the world, managed by more than 60 sports managers. Sportmadness already has entrepreneurs and sports enthusiasts in Spain, Italy, Portugal, Luxembourg, Mexico, Bolivia, Chile, and Ecuador.

To continue its growth, it is now looking for entrepreneurs who are passionate about sports to open its first branch in different regions of the United Kingdom and other European countries.

Sportmadness was born in 2012 from the passion to make a living from sports and in 2017 launched its business model based on franchising. As a Sportmadness franchisee, it is possible to organize all kinds of sporting events and manage sports academies and camps.

Its processes stand out for the constant support to franchisees so that they achieve success in all their activities and carry out different and innovative events within amateur sports.

As its founder and CEO, Alejandro García, points out, the main mission of Sportmadness is "to make people successful”, and for that, they help entrepreneurs from all over the world with the desire and enthusiasm to make a living from sport to open and grow their own business in the sports.

Opening a Sportmadness franchise has an initial cost of €15,000, depending on the region, "a very affordable amount if we consider that opening this type of business on your own would cost much more," says Alejandro, and “all the work of many years and many people you have it from minute one so that your business starts to work from the beginning and can be a success”.

The Sportmadness franchise provides the necessary knowledge to sell and organize dozens of sports services, as well as personalized advisory that helps the franchisee with everything they need on a day-to-day basis.

In addition, franchisees have all the necessary technology to increase their productivity and improve the experience of their customers and users, and a great brand that grows every day and helps them to generate business.

On the other hand, it should be noted that this type of business can be managed from home or wherever you want, as it does not require investing in the opening of an office.

In 2022, 18 new Sportmadness franchises have already been opened. Eight of them are in Spain, one in Ecuador, five in Mexico, one in Portugal, one in Chile, and two in Italy.

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