Spacie: The Most Up-to-date Commercial Real Estate Listing Platform

2019-05-14 12:33:35 - Canada, Ontario, Toronto - (PR Distribution™)

Toronto-based company, Spacie, has now become part of the Canadian Commercial Real Estate industry by launching its own proprietary commercial real estate listings platform.

This platform allows landlords, real estate brokerages and coworking spaces all over Canada to advertise their listings at no charge. It enables the public to view any type of commercial real estate listings such as retail, industrial, office, investment properties and coworking spaces.

"With record breaking revenue of over $36 billion last year, the Canadian commercial real estate industry is looking even more positive than ever this 2019. There is no better time than now to tap into this booming industry and help connect realtors, brokerages and coworking spaces with the number of clients looking to do deals" said, Spacie Co-Founder Maxim Andreev

With the current commercial real estate industry standards in mind, Spacie has created a platform that aims to modernize the traditional mindset of accessing commercial real estate listings. Spacie makes it easier and simpler to find and compare commercial listings from across Canada. Simply put in your requirements, select the listings you like and connect with a local expert to find your perfect space.

Core benefits of the platform include:

- Access to the greatest number of listings in one place

- Compare best options for your needs

- Up to date listing information

The in-house proprietary technology behind the listings platform allows the user total control of how and where the listings will appear. "By connecting users to thousands of listings from brokers, lessors, and coworking spaces across Canada, we expect to facilitate daily transactions in the millions within our first year of operations." said Co-founder Maxim Andreev. "We will be a household name in the real estate industry through our innovative platform and excellent value proposition to our users."

Spacie's team has spent several years researching the market and met with prominent thought leaders in the industry to get valuable feedback on building the platform. By aiming to provide the best, most advanced and up-to-date listings platform in the industry, we have not only built a fully accessible platform, but also created a gateway for users to view the most accurate and direct listings available in the market.

Spacie is now available to the Canadian public. Visit to sign up and to find out more.


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About Spacie

Headquartered in Toronto, Canada. Spacie is Canada's Preferred Commercial Real Estate Platform. It is the leading commercial real estate platform as it provides the most comprehensive and up to date listings in Canada for commercial real estate.

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