Solastis Pte Ltd (a CRM and BPM software provider) releases its new website

2018-11-30 12:54:24 - SINGAPORE - (PR Distribution™)

Singapore based SaaS company, Solastis Solutions has released a new website for customers. Solastis offers a CRM + BPM platform which is easy to use and can be quickly configured as per the business needs. The application is flexible enough to meet the requirements of SMB’s as well as large enterprises. Solastis CRM+ is a cloud-based platform that can be accessed over the internet without the hassle of buying, setting up, and managing infrastructure. 

The new website is designed for comfortable user experience. The company has already put a lot of knowledge articles, case studies and other conceptual knowledge relating to CRM and BPM topics on the site, and this material is expected to grow manifold in the coming months. The company notes that the businesses looking for a CRM system often find limited information on the CRM vendor’s website. The view most of the CRM companies take is, you sign the trial version and test it yourself. Unfortunately, this approach rarely works. People don’t have time to test out a trial versions one after another and then decide about it. They don’t want to signup the trial, carry out all the configuration only to conclude that the system doesn’t work for them. And now they need to sign up another trial with some other company. 

Instead, the website should have enough material, videos, case studies using which a potential customer should be able to decide about the product with an 85% confidence level. The signing of the trial version should be used only after this to validate the remaining 15% points. Said Mr. Vaibhav Joshi, Director of the Solastis Solutions Pte Ltd.

Solastis CRM provides some features which most of the other CRMs don’t provide. Notable among them are ;

  • Multiple ticket types to represent different business processes 
  • Basic sequential task management at case level
  • Multi-dimensional case analysis
  • Strong access control mechanism 

As one of the leading service providers of SaaS solutions in the country, the company is poised with helping businesses harness the benefits of cloud technology by offering software services at affordable rates. The businesses can now look forward to having a strong CRM system at their disposal.

More information about Solastis CRM and the services offered can be found on the new website

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