Soaring RV Popularity Drives Record Sales

2019-08-14 12:37:36 - United States, Arizona, Lake Havasu City - (PR Distribution™)

Travel Trailers Top Sales as Millennials Head to Luxury RV Parks and Campgrounds

More than 9 million RVs hit the road each year. The industry reports annual sales of 355,000 new travel trailers, motorhomes, and pop-up campers totaling over 15 billion dollars. RV owners fill all age groups from 35 to 75 and take an average of three vacations every year.

Motorhomes and camper-trailers remain popular, but RV travel trailers make up the bulk of new sales. Anyone traveling the roads on a weekend this summer will notice the luxury behind large and small SUVs, vans, and pickup trucks. The big draw? Neighborhoods of like-minded RVers at camping resorts who come together around bonfires to share food and drinks and swap stories like families at a reunion. Many form long-term friendships and meet year after year or several times during the summer.

Often secured behind locked gates, the RV Parks and Resorts feature game rooms, tennis courts, play areas, swimming pools, snack bars and other attractions. Frequently located near popular destinations, they offer a place to go with more to do than the average hotel.

Neighborhoods are nice, especially when you can take it all with you, but RV travel means the freedom to boondock—park and stay almost anywhere. Away from RV parks and resorts, the RV Generator supplies all the amenities and luxuries of home—air conditioning in the summer, heat from fall through spring fall, television, entertainment centers, and your favorite coffee fresh from the pot. 

National Parks make popular destinations, but many don’t offer an RV hookup. To keep noise at a minimum for all users, some limit the hours of generator use and all have noise standards. Fortunately, Motorhome Generators and Travel Trailer Generators have come a long way in reducing noise. Park service requirements specify 60dB (A) or lower sound levels measured at 50 feet.

Unlike portables, models from manufacturers like Cummins-Onan install on the trailer, motorhome, or fifth wheel and start at the touch of a button from a control panel inside the RV. A luxury diesel-powered Class A motorhome generator can provide the same power used by the average suburban home.

According to the RVIA, an industry trade association, “There’s an RV for every taste and budget.” Travel trailers cost anywhere from $6,000 to $95,000, and motorhomes from 100 thousand to half a million dollars. Not unexpected since they are literally a home on the road.

And not always a second home. Those who travel for a living may abandon overcrowded suburbs for local RV parks or even the local big-box store parking lot. It’s not hard to imagine a home with granite countertops, a king-size bed in the master suite, washer-dryer, and a 60-inch television over the fireplace. Now the dream home comes on wheels and goes anywhere you want.


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