Singapore’s Mobile Gaming Application that combines Education, Health & Tourism all into one app

09/30/2019 09:00 - Singapore - (PR Distribution™)

It all started when founder Francis Fox was having a stroll in one of the parks in Singapore. A tourist standing near an object clicking some pictures on his smartphone made him think of the game Eye Spies and whether or not it could be a mobile app.

Everyone who is either commuting or exercising is on a smartphone, and this was the start to building one of Singapore's top mobile gaming applications.

"I spy with my little eye, something..." was a childhood outdoor game we played which helped explore new areas and have mini adventures around the area. Joining the massive smartphone industry with the childhood game, created the mobile game application called "Eye Spies". This game owned by Eye Spy Walks Pte Ltd, has opened the doors to a new prospect of mobile gaming with the outdoor environment. 

Eye Spies is a mobile gaming application whereby a player is a spy whose mission is to save their spy empire from unknown threats, forces and enabling them to build their own spy empire.

Most mobile gaming applications require users to be fully engaged in the application. Eye Spies takes on a whole new spectrum, where the focus is partially on the engagement outside of the mobile gaming application and in-game play. This is conducted by linking the spy mission maps with Points of Interest (POIs) and with image recognition to capture clues that are strategically placed by the Eye Spies team. Once the right image has been recognized by the Eye Spies image recognition and your chosen route completed, your mission is complete.

Eye Spies has five evident benefits which are :

- Increase of family time
- Healthier lifestyle
- Educational facts on Places of Interest
- Increase of social characteristics and problem solving skills
- Enjoy offers at businesses (e.g. discount on your meal at a restaurant) through in-game play.

These benefits showcase throughout the gameplay, starting from following missions on the map that is integrated with Mapbox API to give you a detailed view of your immediate environment.

Increasing the amount of steps you've taken in a day, allows you to enjoy the mobile game further with more tools and resources being provided to help you complete your missions. The further you rise in Eye Spies, the more challenging and healthier you get!

Eye Spies is scheduled to launch in Singapore and parts of England by the middle of November 2019. 

Currently 2000 people have completed the early bird registration, which entitles them to a special reward on download. This early bird registration remains available until the 18th of October. Sign up now and take the opportunity to give yourself a head start in the world of espionage.  

Are you ready to become a spy?

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