SENTELLIGENCEone Partners with The World Fire Safety Foundation

07/01/2019 08:38 - United States - (PR Distribution™)

 SENTELLIGENCEone has partnered with “The World Fire Safety Foundation,” (The WFSF) a global organization committed to saving lives through awareness, technology, and creating a safe alarm system for homes. “The WFSF and its co-founders, Adrian Butler and Karl Westwell have selflessly committed over 20-years of their lives fighting for the safety of our families and their children,” stated, Rob Qualls, CEO of SENTELLIGENCEone, “their commitment to this cause is unprecedented, the support they receive from Fire Chiefs, experts, and politicians is impressive,” said Qualls.

According to Adrian Butler, Co-Founder of The World Fire Safety Foundation, “SENTELLIGENCEone is poised to revolutionize the smoke alarm industry with their "disruptive" technology. Their “Smart Ambient Air Monitor” (SAAM), is able to detect a range of gases before existing smoke alarms detect smoke.  SENTELLIGENCEone's technology will make us all a lot safer in our homes and at our work and save countless lives around the world."

"SENTELLIGENCEone's ground-breaking research has resulted in "disruptive" technology that has the potential to revolutionize the smoke alarm industry for both residential and commercial applications." Stated Karl Westwell, The World Fire Safety Foundation Co-founder.

About SENTELLIGENCEone: SENTELLIGENCEone is a scientific instrument company currently in development of safety and security devices leading with its patented Smart Ambient Air Monitor (SAAMTM). Their novel and proprietary technology devices will have countless applications e.g. detecting fire in the earliest possible stage. SENTELLIGENCEone's 'Smart Instruments' use Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT) for monitoring and providing historical data. The SENTELLIGENCEone instruments will be robust and affordable.

About The World Foundation Fire Safety (WFSF): The WFSF is a non-profit organization founded in 2000 by Adrian Butler, a former career firefighter, and Karl Westwell. The WFSF mission is to “Stop the Children Burning,” by educating officials, politicians, and the public on the dangers of today’s ionization smoke alarm technology.

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