Selz Releases Ecommerce Theme Development Kit

02/27/2020 12:00 - United States, Oregon, Portland - (PR Distribution™)

Selz Releases Ecommerce Theme Development Kit Press release: Copy everything but the title from this doc, ensuring hyperlinks are included: 

Selz, the ecommerce platform for small-to-medium business, has created a powerful development kit for agencies and developers that want to create fully customizable online stores for their clients. 

The newly-released Selz Theme Kit reduces the time needed for developers and agencies to build powerful, multi-channel ecommerce stores for their clients. The kit allows developers or agencies to use their favorite local environments to build web stores, rather than using an often obtuse online editor, which can slow down the development process. 

The Selz Theme Kit joins the suite of Selz Developer Tools, including a powerful API and customizable SDK, offering agencies and developers the ability to build ecommerce into any web application with a minimum of overhead. 

“We recognize the critical role played by our agency and developer partners in delivering world-class ecommerce solutions for merchants,” says Martin Rushe, Selz CEO. “We see our mission as helping those agencies and developers by giving them efficient, time-saving tools, like the Selz Theme Kit, which makes building Liquid themes on our ecommerce platform easy in their existing and favored development environments.”

Selz is a privately held technology company with offices in Bristol, UK, Sydney, Portland and Manila. The powerful SaaS platform is designed to help businesses create online ecommerce stores and sell across social networks. From a digital environment, the platform facilitates sales, shipping, and marketing.


Website - https://www.selz.com

LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/company/selz-com

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