SEC Whistleblower Award Possibly Worth Hundreds of Millions Selling on EBAY

12/12/2019 07:00 - United States, California, Murrieta - (PR Distribution™)

Description from Ebay Listing;

Securities and Exchange Future Whistleblower Reward (READ IN FULL)  Condition is New.  Shipped with USPS First Class Package.

I filed an SEC Whistleblower Complaint when I became a victim of the seventy billion-dollar Puerto RIco bankrruptcy.  The bankruptcy destroyed my company. We launched an investigation to find out how this could happen. We uncovered alleged massive secuities fraud, wire fraud, mail fraud, bribery, extortion and racketeering. I supplied all the information to the SEC and they accepted my Whistleblower Complaint.  It was assigned to Sue Curtin, Senior Attorney for the SEC's Boston Office. All the information I supplied is also available in my book 'Capitol Hills Criminal Underground" available at Amazon and many other outlets.

You can also view my SEC/DOJ videotaped testimony on You Tube at 

The SEC can take many, many years to get around to doing their job or simply not do it at all.

The SEC offers awards of 10% - 30% of the fines collected against the financial institutions and individuals. With the largest Wall Street firms implicated in this massive fraud, the fines would likely amount to many billions of dollars. This could be the best investment decision anyone has ever made.

This bid will only provide you with a copy of my book (the evidence) and direct contact information. Ebay will not allow me to ask for bids this high on their system.  The opening bid is $7,000,000 and the "buy now" price is $10,000,000.

Reply to richardrlawless@gmail.com, murrieta CA 

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