Sandbox Video Launches Its New Out-House Creative Video Agency Business Model For Startups Founded In NYC

05/15/2019 08:00 - United States, New York, New York - (PR Distribution™)

Sandbox Video is an out-house video agency made up of freelancers that offers creative, production and post-production services.

Sandbox Video today announces the launch of its new business model. A video advertising service to help startups, A.I companies and brands founded in NYC promote their products and services through creative video ads.

With Sandbox Video, companies can test out new ideas and effectively communicate their message to their audience with high-quality video content. The videos can be promoted through Facebook Ads, Hulu Ads or Youtube Ads to reach the company’s ideal clients.

By targeting a specific audience and gathering key metrics, Sandbox Video is able to provide valuable insights to help companies gain a better understanding of their acquisition costs, what metrics perform best and how to improve their follow-up campaigns.

“We love startups and technology and what A.I companies are doing right now. Our mission is to help them package their message in a neat, creative new way and present it to their audience. There is a lot of noise in the ad space and we want to cut through all of that and focus in on what really matters. Being able to help startups distill their why, articulate their brand message and hopefully, become the next unicorn is all very exciting.” said Alex Lucaci, Founder of Sandbox Video.

Over the last decade, traditional advertising methods have been disrupted, with companies spending more than $15 billion on online ads vs TV ads. The number for video ads is projected to grow to $22 billion by 2021. This is a unique opportunity for startups and brands who want to target a very specific audience and measure every step of their campaign’s success. Sandbox Video is focused on creating high-quality video content for companies who want to grow and scale.

“We want to provide a premium service to startups and support them with their creative and video advertising needs. Whether they are in an incubator or accelerator, we understand that every company has to also act as a media company in order to succeed. And because of our freelancer based model, our prices are so much more accessible - even to companies that are bootstrapped. We hope that our deep passion for technology and A.I. will transpire into our work and make Sandbox Video a leading creative video agency for NYC based startups.” said Alex.


We’re Sandbox Video, a New York based creative production agency with a multi-hyphenated set of skills. We’re just big enough that we can write, storyboard, produce, edit and direct, but small enough that we can still think on our feet. That means we make decisions more effectively and have fewer roadblocks to getting things done. We believe in the power of storytelling. When you watch something that moves you, you remember all the details. You talk about it with your friends. And you share it with the world. We draw our inspiration from everything around us and believe that in this day and age there is only one way to thrive: Creative Darwinism.

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