ROM Technologies ™: What Does The PortableConnect ® Help With?

2022-12-27 20:00:00 - Bridgeport, Connecticut, United States - (PR Distribution™)

Technology has come a long way; there was a time when nobody ever thought that knee and hip surgery patients would recover from the procedure right in their homes. Thanks to ROM Technologies ™, it is possible for orthopedic patients to speed up the recovery process in their houses at an affordable rate.

The patented ROM Technologies ™ Company has developed an innovative therapy technology designed to help patients through their surgical recovery journey known as PortableConnect ®. 

The device is portable and compact, measuring 20 inches wide and 40 inches long. Its height ranges from 30-42 inches. That makes it easy for it to fit in almost any space.

What Does PortableConnect ® Help With?

The primary purpose of the PortableConnect ® is to limit the number of visits patients make to the therapy facility by offering them effective therapy in their houses. That's because it is vital to rest your legs after knee and hip surgery to speed up recovery. 

However, each time you get into a car and go for therapy, you strain your legs, and in some cases, you might even injure them. As a result, your recovery process will take longer than expected.

With PortableConnect ®, patients get to do their therapy sessions in the comfort of their homes. That cuts the possibility of causing more injury on their scar. Note that this device has a screen that displays the therapeutic exercise the patients should perform. 

Your surgeon can adjust the exercise to fit your needs. The machine also has four settings; Passive, Active-Assisted, Active, and Resistance. You will work with your surgeon to choose the right settings for your condition and adjust them accordingly as you recover.

Who Does PortableConnect ® Help?

The PortableConnect ® offers gentle therapeutic movement within a comfortable range of motion for patients recovering from orthopedic injury or surgery. Unlike the conventional orthopedic recovery process, which is intense, painful, and long, this innovative technology offers patients light, easy-to-do, light, and frequent therapy sessions. 

Before starting the procedure, a ROMTech ® representative will get to your home to explain how the technology works, making it easy for you to do your session.

The technology also helps surgeons monitor their patients and their recovery journey. Surgeons monitor their patients by connecting to the ROMTech ® device, which offers real-time patient condition data. 

This information helps the doctor know the best way to handle your situation and the right type of medications you need. Thus, this helps ensure that the patients have a better outcome. Though the gadget helps limit patients' one-on-one interaction with their doctors, it offers effective therapy that ensures fast recovery.


Technology has impacted many areas in our lives, the top being the medical field. Due to ROM Technologies ™ technological advancements, patients who have undergone knee and hip surgery can recover quickly in the comfort of their homes using the PortableConnect ® machine. 

However, before using this device, you will first have to meet with a company representative to guide you through the process. Working closely with your doctor to guide you on a few insights would also be best.

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