Reno Shop Opens Carrying Controversial Kratom Plant

2021-08-20 12:46:25 - United States, Nevada, Reno - (PR Distribution™)

A new kind of “dispensary” has arrived in Reno, selling a controversial pain killing plant known as kratom. Bumble Bee Botanicals is the business and they opened their doors earlier this month in South Reno. The kratom plant comes from SE Asia and has been historically used both medicinally and recreationally as a stimulant and a pain reliever. Its popularity and notoriety in the United States has skyrocketed in the last 5 years as users of the plant swear by its effectiveness in killing pain, providing energy, and relief from anxiety. Many people are giving up the pain killers from their doctor and opting to take kratom instead. This trend has the FDA in an uproar and the FDA is warning the public about kratom. The FDA says it is dangerous because it has not been proven to be safe and that some early studies show alkaloids in kratom may be addictive and interact with the opioid receptors in the brain. Despite FDA warnings, millions of Americans are trying kratom according to the American Kratom Association and many are finding the plant helpful and beneficial. 

The new Reno business is banking on kratom staying legal and gaining widespread acceptance. For those looking to buy kratom in Reno, the options are limited. It can be found in a handful of smoke shops in the area. The owner of Bumble Bee Botanicals, Andrew Graham, aims to create a clean, friendly environment where customers can purchase high quality lab tested kratom. 


STORE ADDRESS: 898 Maestro Dr #103, Reno, NV 89511

PH NUMBER: (775) 235-8076

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