RedGreen from UnfoldLabs recognized for Creativity, Shortlisted as Finalist by Fierce Innovation Awards!

10/24/2018 08:00 - SAN DIEGO, CA - (PR Distribution™)

UnfoldLabs is proud to announce that it has been selected as a finalist in this year’s Fierce Innovation Awards: Telecom Edition, a peer and analyst, reviewed awards program from the publisher of FierceWireless and FierceTelecom. The competition highlights the advances in service and equipment developments unveiled during the past 12 months. UnfoldLabs is recognized as a finalist in the category of Security.

UnfoldLabs is selected as a finalist for its innovative, industry-leading product, RedGreen.

Finalists’ applications were reviewed by an exclusive panel of executives from major telecommunications companies including Sprint, Verizon Wireless, and Telia Carrier AB.All applications were evaluated based on the following criteria: competitive advantage, ease of use/ROI, effectiveness, financial impact, and true innovation. 

RedGreen is an innovative, industry-leading product of UnfoldLabs. RedGreen assures its users of the optimum usage of their device and provides them with an excellent tool to best manage Android devices and keep it Fresh, New and Optimized for Speed. Click on the link and experience it yourself. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.unfoldlabs.redgreen&hl=en

“We are deeply thankful for this recognition," said Asokan Ashok, CEO - UnfoldLabs. “We came up with the idea of RedGreen for the sheer goal to make a simple, smart and super-fast solution to address the most common problems a user has with an Android device – Performance, Battery, App management & Data Privacy/Security in single user experience. Receiving the Fierce Innovation Award in Security for RedGreen applauds the efforts that went in to make this product what it is today. It is a great feeling, and it motivates us ahead to get even better products on the road with each passing day!”

“We are excited at the possibilities of building some innovative products at UnfoldLabs. We have had two awards in the past two years for RedGreen, which fuels our passion for building more next generation products. We are thankful to our leadership team and our development team for being there at every step and trying to turn each stone to make RedGreen possible. I also would like to show gratitude towards our customers who have recognized us for the unique and quality products that we deliver”, said Aaron Martinez, HR Manager at UnfoldLabs Inc.,

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About UnfoldLabs Inc.

UnfoldLabs is an Innovative Products and Services Company based in Sunny San Diego, California. We make sure everything we do, we do it with earnestness. With a team of passionate strategists, creatives, and technologists, we aim to capture the changing trends and technology through innovation and reach new heights. UnfoldLabs has an agile team specializing in mobile, cloud and new product development/ innovation. Our goal is to create meaningful futuristic experiences for our Customers.

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