Redefining VR with QUAR: INFERNAL MACHINES, the first ever turn-based-strategy game available for the PlayStation®VR is now on Playstation® Network and Retailers!

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International Publisher & Research Lab HOPLITE RESEARCH LLC today announce that in association with STEEL WOOL STUDIOS, the digital release of Quar: Infernal Machines for the PlayStation®VR is available now with the package version available today at your local stores or on Playstation® Network.  Ask for it by name!! 

Quar: Infernal Machines is the 1st ever turn-based-strategy game available for the PlayStation®VR, set in the grimmsical world of Alwyd, based on the award-winning Table Top Game system “This Quar’s War” by http://zombiesmith.com
Designed for play with either VR or with a controller, QUAR: INFERNAL MACHINES dares to bring its turn based gameplay to a field dominated by real-time experiences.  “VR is much more than simply a first person experience dodging or jumping, it is an immersive role exchange.” states Manny Granillo, VR/AR Lab Chief Designer.  “We see VR as a character shift in which the user imitates himself in an environment which we prepare.  By creating a virtual Game Table, the immersed user can experience playing on a virtually created game table with amazing terrain and some gorgeous miniatures which will come to life as the user takes his turns.”    

Play through more than a dozen missions with a god’s eye view or go down onto the battlefield to be immersed in the action only VR can provide.  Can you lead your Quar to victory?!

Command cavalry to sweep the enemy’s flanks.  Send Baeliog armoured tractors forward to shatter hardened defences.  Your rhyflers are armed with weapons ranging from the humble Bogen rifle to heavy-automatic shotguns.  Rely on your stalwart officers to keep up your troop’s morale and to call in deadly airstrikes.  But above all, preserve the honour of your cause!
Quar contains a living, breathing, upgradeable base, fully populated with Quar troops going about their business!  Upgrade your mechanic’s bay for better tractors.  Upgrade the mess hall (and its chow!) for better morale and get that hanger built so you can call in air-strikes!

Mr. Granillo goes on to say that “Quar: Infernal Machines redefines virtual table-top gaming by bringing traditional H.G. Wells "Toy Soldier" experiences to a new generation and bridges the gap between technology and strategy. Whether you have VR or not, the age of interactive toys is here and games like QUAR: INFERNAL MACHINES gives you the tools to jump right in!  Building for Virtual Interaction requires bold design and the courage to go beyond comfort zones.”  


• PlayStation VR compatible including Move Controller support.
• Based on the award-winning Table Top Game system “This Quar’s War” by http://zombiesmith.com
• The 1st Turn-based-strategy game available for the PlayStation®VR!
• Many hours of unique table top game play.
• More than 12 levels in which to fight for the Crusader cause! From lonely outposts in the woods, to trenches, to the dead of night and finally culminating in the epic battle of Gate 18!
• 18 different friendly and enemy units! From infantry to cavalry and armoured tractors to snipers and heavy-automatic shotguns!
• Get up close and walk around the game units “life size” in the Quarpedia. Learn about their historical uses, stats and in-game abilities.
• Read the letters of a Quar soldier on the front lines to his young cousin back home.
• VR is not required to experience and play the game! 

Back Story of the game:
It seems the Quar have always been at war.  When the first wandering clans of insect gatherers built their low, mud-walled buildings, it was as much to keep out other Quar as the wild animals.  As they first learned to make tools to get food, they quickly learned to make tools to defend themselves.  The mud walls quickly became fortified citadels, and then city-states.  In five thousand years of civilization, the constants of their culture have been the changing of the seasons and the threat of war.
For the last 700 years the Quar have been waging The Long War to a bloody stalemate that has wracked their world.  But the balance of power is shifting, and Alykinder’s Crusade is attempting to end The Long War by conquering all the Quar nations.  This game takes you to one battle in one theatre of The Long War, between the Crusader Army and the Royalist Coftyran Crymuster. 

QUAR: INFERNAL MACHINES dares you to take command and create a legend!  Available now on Playstation network for PS4.
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