Quality Time this Quarantine Time: Learn Martial Arts AT HOME

04/09/2020 09:00 - United States, New York, Westbury - (PR Distribution™)

For children 3-5 years old.

You and your kids probably never had as much time in your hands than in the past weeks.

If you are running out of productive things to do at home, it’s time to let your kids learn martial arts, and the Little Tigers® Martial Arts Online Program has the perfect answer to your dilemma - online classes!

That’s right! Kids learn how to kick, block, punch and most importantly improve life skills all from the comfort of your living room. The program instills respect, discipline and confidence building excersizes in all their classes.

In perfect timing, the Little Tigers Online Martial Arts program is answering the unprecedented time that the world is having now when everyone is encouraged to stay home.


What makes Little Tigers So AWESOME?

Aside from the competence of each instructor, Little Tigers Martial Arts Program also makes sure that your kids will have the best time of their day whenever they have classes because the instructors know that that’s the best way to earn a child’s interest and attention.


Why Martial Arts?

Martial Arts has been a long-standing art where discipline is the core value of the entire exercise. This is especially important for young children who need structure to develop the habits that will benefit them as they grow. The classes are fun and engaging and taught by top certified instructors and masters.  

Aside from the moral values that children learn, there is also an advantage when it comes to fitness - both physical and mental. When children are exposed to the different exercises involved while learning martial arts, their bodies’ development is optimal. Socialization is also boosted. Kids’ communication skills are honed during training. Thus, making martial arts the most holistic craft your child could ever learn.


Effects of Quarantine Time

As mandated by the World Health Organization, everyone is required to minimize going out of their homes, especially the minors. So the constant dilemma is --- how will kids continue to learn?

Most schools have already resorted to online classes, and it has been to proven to be an effective way of keeping children updated with their lessons amidst the lack of classroom discussions. This pandemic has really made everyone adjust their way of living, and classes are no exception from this. With the help of technology, learning does not have to stop for kids while they’re home the entire day.


Little Tigers Martial Arts Program goes online too!

The New York-based martial arts school franchise with over 70 locations has their top instructors lined up to opening their 3 to 5 year old course to students, this time - ONLINE (via Zoom)!

“My kids love their Instructors! Their focus, respect and Martial Arts moves has improved in only 1 week. The home behaviour followup sheets are awesome and priceless. I cannot believe an online program at this price can be this valuable! ~Little Tiger Parent

Instead of allowing children to use gadgets all day long, why not explore the possibility of developing their potential in martial arts and at the same time allow them to learn a life-skill that is necessary for self-defense too?

For more information on this program, please visit their website at https://online.littletigers.com/ or for more information on Little Tigers or online programs for students of all ages contact Master Frank Guerrini at support@littletigers.com

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