Pro-American Quality Experts Guberman-PMC Exposes Victory Welding’s George Foote for Working With China-led IAF & ANAB

2018-09-20 12:02:33 - CHARLOTTE, NC - (PR Distribution™)

ISO-certification is a very serious matter.  Who a company uses in this are can have serious ramifications, especially when it comes to security.  Daryl Guberman-CEO, is leading the way in encouraging businesses to only use pro-American firms, like Guberman-PMC, rather than those linked to terror-sponsoring nations.

Any adult who spends even a small amount of time following the world news should have no difficulty identifying who the open enemies of America and democracy are in both the economic and military spheres.  This leads to the question of why an American business would open their doors and allow organizations responsible for quality control and regulations free reign to their sensitive information.  Patriotic Jewish-American businessman Daryl Guberman of Guberman-PMC LLC, who has 30 years of experience being responsible for quality in a wide-range of different spheres, is openly asking these kind of important questions.  Guberman recently released a video on YouTube titled “Victory Welding’s George Foote: Another Poster Child of China-led IAF & ANAB”, where he takes to task George Foote, Victory Welding CEO, and Victory Welding, over these deeply important issues.

“The irony is we reach out to these businesses like Foote's and warn them who they are getting into bed with and just want kind of security risk this represents and what a slap in the face it is to American veterans,”  commented the passionate Guberman.  “We do all this before mentioning it in public, in case it was an honest mistake or lack of understanding.  Then when we get a response that's completely negative, of course we will discuss the issue in public, Americans have a right to know.”

The IAF and ANAB accreditation body are led and watched over by a Chinese national and have as members more than a handful of Arab countries well-known for being antisemitic and anti-Israel, in addition, to being militantly opposed to American interests. Guberman-PMC has offered ISO certifications free from these stains and as a business is proud to employ as many U.S. veterans as possible.

The new YouTube video can be seen here:

To learn more about Daryl Guberman and Guberman-PMC be sure to visithttp://darylguberman.comand

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