Practical things to avoid contracting CORONOVIRUS

03/13/2020 14:52 - United States - (PR Distribution™)


    Coronovirus continues to increase in infections worldwide. Dr. Domanskis, whose Organoderm company manufacturers Hand Sanitizers in US, has listed his 10 common suggestions to avoid contracting the Coronovirus and any other infections:

1)Use Hand Sanitizers with at least 62% alcohol content though even Organoderm Hand Sanitizers are in extremely short supply. Try to only use those with no perfume added. 

2)Wash Hands regularly and especially after direct contact with any person or surface in a public venue for about 20 seconds.

3)Keep hands in your pockets to limit inadvertent contact with other persons or surfaces and limit touching your face, mouth or nose.

4)Open or push doors with hands in pockets or wait for someone else to open door.

5)Use finger cots which are still available to press any buttons like elevator.

6)Don’t invite people over and keep distance from other people, especially if someone is coughing. 

7)Use Kindle rather than library books

8)Use home food delivery service but If you go to restaurant, then chose a single chair rather than booth

9)Bring your own silverware or disposable utensils to restaurant.

10)If on airplane, chose seat closer to front and don’t touch other seats on way to seat and wait for others to open and close bins.

“I myself, and my staff, have implemented these common sense suggestions, said Dr. Edward Domanskis. “In addition, I recommend immunity boosters like staying positive, avoiding stress, adequate sleep, eating well, vitamins and have some anti-virals like acyclovir available,” continued the Doctor. “There is a silver lining for this should also decrease other viral and bacterial infections,” Dr. Domanskis concluded. 

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