Power BI Connector for Jira Now Supports Jira Cloud

2020-07-01 08:36:58 - Mykolaiv - (PR Distribution™)

Alpha Serve has announced that its premier business intelligence plugin, Power BI Connector for Jira, now supports Jira Cloud. In light of this development, users can leverage Jira Cloud as a data source to their Power BI. Currently, Power BI Connector for Jira is available for all three versions: Jira Server, Jira Cloud, and Jira Data Center. 

An Alpha Serve representative describes Power BI Connector for Jira as "A plugin that allows individuals or teams to stream all of their data from Jira to Power BI." He adds, "Users can include Jira to their primary data sources and access current and comprehensive information for reliable business resolutions."

Power BI Connector for Jira enables users to export fields of their liking. It is quite straightforward and customizable to match user expertise and requirements. 

All companies that want to gain valuable and actionable insights from their data need to acquire this tool. With this connector, businesses can stream all of their Jira data to their Power BI tool. After that, they can explore and analyze the data creating rich interactive reports, visualizations, and data dashboards fast. Ultimately, timely and competitive business intelligence solutions are realized. 

By adding this cloud hosting option, Alpha Serve now enables Jira Cloud users to enjoy features such as data streaming, analysis, and translation. Also, teams using BI can measure their project's impact on business outcomes and their contribution. 

This newly released development sits right with Alpha Serve's campaign to convert tech know-how into useful business solutions. This software development company delivers customized products that help clients realize their objectives by enhancing process effectiveness.

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