Power BI Connector for Jira by Alpha Serve Is Now Even Better

05/13/2020 16:00 - Ukraine, Mykolayivs\'ka - (PR Distribution™)

Alpha Serve has announced an updated and improved Power BI Connector for Jira. Since the first release of this plugin, this tool has been continuously enhanced, therefore, becoming a much better solution to today’s users. 

Power BI Connector for Jira is a plugin that facilitates the streaming of all info from Jira to Power BI. 

“It makes it possible to include all projects on one view, thereby fostering focus and timely decision-making,” says an Alpha Serve representative. “With this plugin, department staff can monitor activity and assess outcomes to dictate business goals.” 

Being a business intelligence solution, the function of the Power BI Connector for Jira is to enable firms to convert raw data into valuable insights. It broadens the data scope by including Jira as a source to an existing Power BI tool. 

The key features of this plugin are data streaming, data exploration & analysis, and transformation of insights into viable strategies. Users can generate interactive data reports, visuals, and dashboards fast. Who needs it? This plugin is valuable to any company that is keen on deriving useful insights from their Jira data. 

Since the first version (1.1.5) which was released in September 2019, this plugin has undergone updates such as Data Center compatibility; Oracle Database support; Data Source sharing with other users; JQL support; and Insight - Asset Management support, Tempo Timesheets support, Tempo Planner support, Jira Service Desk support, & Portfolio for Jira support. 

Anyone can try the Power BI Connector for free. And in case of any issues, the Alpha Serve support team is always available and ready to help.

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