POP Network Launches Advanced Peer-to-Peer Streaming Platform

2019-12-09 11:31:28 - Singapore - (PR Distribution™)

Masternodes go live on testnet to power blockchain media economy

During the 6th edition of the Singapore Media Festival, The Pop Network Foundation Ltd. announced the decentralized streaming media component of its POP Network platform is live on testnet. The open-source software, known as a “Masternode,” stores and streams all media on the next-generation peer-to-peer torrent network. Masternodes earn blockchain incentives, 35% of all block rewards, for performing this critical service.

Once running the Masternode joins a peer-to-peer swarm and, as an example, starts seeding the POP Network Demo video seen on the POP Network website. On mainnet your Masternode would earn POP Network Tokens (POP) for streaming this content to the web or any other device, from smartphones to smartTVs, via the POP Network protocol. Rewards tokens get distributed through a fast Superdelegated Proof-of-Stake blockchain. The testnet Masternode also allows operators to add media to the decentralized content distribution network with just a few clicks.

“This launch is a key milestone on our march to deliver a mainstream application built on blockchain,” said Valerian Bennett, Managing Director of The Pop Network Foundation. “With testnet, we demonstrate how easy it is for practically anyone to operate a POP Masternode and earn token rewards in the greater context of a global decentralized application. Imagine earning cryptocurrency by streaming your favorite television shows, movies, and music. With the launch of our Masternode torrent network that day is one step closer.”

Masternode testnet is available now on Windows. Linux and Mac distributions are in development. POP Network is currently Pre-IEO with Masternode mainnet expected near the end of the initial exchange offering in Q1 2020.

About POP Network

POP Network is an ecosystem of blockchain and artificial intelligence applications built to power the new streaming economy. As power shifts from big centralized streaming platforms to content creators and their social networks, POP Network is here to help you create and capture value from this radical transformation. Components include:

• Masternode torrent network for decentralized, peer-to-peer streaming
• Superdelegated Proof-of-Stake blockchain for ultra-fast transaction processing
• Artificial Intelligence content protection to defend the network from harmful material

Some are calling POP "the next Tron" because of its advanced torrent network, high-capacity blockchain, and true decentralization. Learn more at thepopnetwork.org.

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