Petition Signed by 35,000 Demands United States Stop Persecution of Christians in Kosovo

2019-02-12 11:30:53 - MONTEREY, CA - (PR Distribution™)

A petition, signed by over 35,000, has been delivered to President Donald Trump, Congress, and the State Department urging the United States to stop the persecution of Christians and other minorities in Kosovo.

Leaders of the Serbian American community including Bishops of the Serbian Orthodox Church, Chairman Emeritus of the Tesla Science Foundation, President of Serbian National Defense Council, and legal experts signed in support. 

Over 250,000 Serbian Orthodox Christians and other minorities, including Jews and Roma, have been ethnically cleansed from Kosovo. Over 1000 have been killed. More than 150 churches and monasteries, many dating from the 13th and 14th centuries, have been destroyed. Christians in Kosovo are subject to ongoing violence and denied access to places of worship. Christians and other minorities are deprived of medical supplies, food, and basic necessities. 

U.S. taxpayers funded these atrocities by way of $859 million in appropriations (2007 to 2017). European organizations and human rights groups urge the United States to stop supporting the criminal leadership in Kosovo citing widespread corruption and lawlessness: drugs and human trafficking, organ harvesting, and the proliferation of ISIS. 


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