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2019-02-12 11:29:37 - RENO NV - (PR Distribution™)


Pet Evac Pak, LLC is a female-owned company whose Evac Paks are designed to prepare our customers for any emergencies which would require evacuation or travel with their pets. We are now offering a new product, because we understand that most people have more than one dog. This pack was designed specifically for 2 dogs between 30 and 70 lbs. As with all of our Evac Paks, the Big Dog Pak starts with our signature red and black backpack, includes a well thought-out first aid kit, and includes everything required to keep your pets safe for up to 72 hours. We took our Premium single dog pack and added extra 5-year shelf life food and water for a second dog, an extra collapsible bowl, Mylar blanket, LED light, 6’ slip lead, ID tag and toy to make this bag perfect for 2 dogs. Our customers will have peace of mind that they are ready for any situation. It’s even great for travel and camping.

About Pet Evac Pak

As noted, we are a company owned by women. Claudia Wiles, one of our founders is also a former Marine. We started this company after co-founder Michelle Danielson made a 4,000 mile trip to Houston after Hurricane Harvey with a truck and trailer full of pet food and supplies. She delivered the supplies to a local shelter in need and brought back 4 big dogs that had been surrendered and scheduled to be euthanized. This sparked the idea to help people be more prepared for emergencies with their pets.

Most recently we made 4 trips to the Paradise/Magalia California area and delivered more than 10K lbs. of pet food and supplies for the victims of the Camp Fire. We were also invited to participate in the California Office of Emergency Services Field day this last Fall, and were at the Tahoe Biltmore for the Bi-State fire drill between California and Nevada. We are here to help you be a hero for your pets, and encourage everyone to make-a-plan that includes their pets! 

Featured on Kolo 8 News

Owners, Claudia and Michelle would like you to visit their custom website at and check out the high quality products they provide to keep your pet safe. This Evac Pak, along with our entire product line, is also listed on Amazon. For more information on our company please follow us on Facebook and Instagram, or feel free to contact us directly.


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