Pascoe Canada brings Pascoflair®, a powerful herbal sleep aid, to the 2019 World Sleep Congress

10/25/2019 12:00 - Canada - (PR Distribution™)

Pascoe Canada exhibited their herbal sleep aid, Pascoflair®, at the 15th World Sleep Congress that was held in Vancouver, BC. The congress welcomed over 3,500 sleep experts, doctors and healthcare practitioners. Pascoflair® was brought to the forefront of many popular and esteemed natural sleep remedies, sleeping pills, sleep medicines and sleep aids available. As one of the few herbal sleep remedies available on the market, Pascoflair® is sold over-the-counter and is suitable for age 13 and older. 

Pascoflair® contains one single active ingredient: 425 mg of passionflower extract – this is the highest dose of passionflower available on the market today. Passionflower has been used for centuries to help treat various sleep disturbances like anxiety, restlessness or insomnia.  

For those who suffer from sleep disorders or disturbances, Pascoflair® can help with falling asleep faster and waking up feeling refreshed without the grogginess associated with other sleeping pills. Some notable benefits of Pascoflair® include:

  • Calms the mind and shuts off running thoughts
  • Non-habit forming
  • No hangover/groggy effect
  • Fall asleep fast
  • Can begin to work in 20-30 minutes
  • No prescription needed
  • Contains no hormones (like melatonin)
  • Made with mainly natural ingredients

“We are delighted that Pascoflair® has been recognized by the world’s sleep experts as a true and effective alternative to the classical sleeping pill. More and more patients are seeking an effective sleep aid with no side effects that won’t compromise their long-term health, and they have found exactly that in Pascoflair®” 

René Kautz, CEO of Pascoe Canada. 

Learn more about Pascoflair® and sleep disorders/disturbances at www.pascoe.ca

Pascoe Canada

Pascoe Canada is the Canadian subsidiary of Pascoe Naturmedizin, a German Pharmaceutical Company. As a family owned company since 1895, Pascoe has grown into one of the leading international manufacturers of natural health care products and is headquartered in Giessen, Germany, and has offices in Canada, and several European countries.

Pascoe is dedicated to creating quality products to improve patient´s health and wellbeing. Their portfolio includes more than 350 products – mostly herbal supplements. As far as possible, Pascoe products are made from locally grown and sourced raw materials that undergo standardized quality control production and are manufactured under the strictest Good Manufacturing Practice guidelines.

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