PANELBuilder Software Meets Specific Needs of Panel Builders

2019-05-13 12:51:33 - Canada, Ontario, Burlington - (PR Distribution™)

International manufacturer of CNC routers and waterjet solutions, AXYZ CNC Routers unveils the latest software release for the new AXYZ PANELBuilder CNC machine. Using feedback collected at tradeshows, open houses and technical support sessions, AXYZ made changes to the software that reflect the specific requirements unique to the panel building industry across the globe.Now, it’s easier than ever to integrate the solution with authoring software like CAD/CAM systems, incorporating all the functionally required for one-off or high-volume panel production. Importing spreadsheet data is faster than it’s ever been before, creating hundreds or even thousands of panels in mere seconds. These are just a few examples of how the PANELBuilder software facilitates business growth while improving panel production and operator efficiency. 


The latest PANELBuilder software package includes all the features panel fabricators need to maximize success in a thriving, competitive marketplace. 

This includes benefits like: 

  • Flexibility to assign a variety of extrusion types to panels, making them unique to a company’s business. 
  • Easier integration of CAD systems for flexible nesting, automation and machine programing functionality.
  • Simpler, faster way to import data from a spreadsheet including information like panel type, dimensions, material, grain direction. 
  • More efficient method of automatically importing/separating panel drawing within one DXF file.
  • Ability to cut a variety of materials with new templates, like ACM/MCM, High Pressure Laminates and Fibre Cement Boards, increasing overall panel production.
  • Simpler process for removing and disposing scrap material with a new function that makes the machine cut scrap into smaller pieces.
  • Enhancements to the Tool Library to more easily define and save the tools used regularly for easier access and organization of the tool inventory.
  • Option to set cutting order automatically or manually according to exact specifications to optimize results.
  • Easier tracking of damaged panels using PANELTracker, used together with the Automated Label Printer for fast printing and applying labels using bar code technology. 



Being recognized as the World’s Leading Panel Fabrication System is just as much the customer’s success story as it is AXYZ’s. This is a collaboration they’re committed to strengthening, so customers can continue to reap the rewards of a system they can trust. Not just about the machine or easy-to-use software, or even the superior selection of tools and options. But together, a formidable force that creates the only all-in-one solution panel builders need, according to their exact specifications. 

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ABOUT AXYZ: AXYZ is a leading global manufacturer of CNC routers, waterjets and cutting solutions. With more than 30 years of experience, we’ve built and installed thousands of CNC machines for industries including Aluminum and Metal Cladding, Signmaking, Graphics & Print Finishing, Cabinetry, General Woodworking, Plastic Fabrication, Metal Fabrication, Foam Packaging, Point of Purchase, Solid Surface and most recently, Glass and Steel.

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