OsteoStrong, The Ultimate Biohack Arrives in Pittsburgh's East End

03/21/2019 09:00 - United States, Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh - (PR Distribution™)

OsteoStrong®, the ultimate BioHack to musculoskeletal health, is expanding its revolutionary osteogenic loading system into East Liberty’s Eastside Bond, mixed use complex.

OsteoStrong® uses their patent pending Spectrum equipment, a system where members exude approximately 60 seconds of effort, one time per week, to strengthen the foundation of the body– the skeletal system. It is not a gym, diet, supplement, pharmaceutical, or medical treatment. It is a unique and strategic system that improves bone density, balance, athletic performance and lessens joint/back pain for individuals of all ages. Using a process known as Osteogenic Loading, OsteoStrong® delivers quick, painless, sweat-free and measurable results, unleashing physical freedom for its users.

“With the ability to alter the mechanical strength of the entire skeletal system at the cellular level and extend access to physical freedom through bone health to individuals of all ages. I’m very excited to open our second location in Pittsburgh,” shared Kyle Zagrodzky, Founder and CEO of OsteoStrong®.

OsteoStrong Pittsburgh East will offer a free trial session to anyone interested through their website www.osteostrong.me. This one-of-a-kind experience and technology delivers measurable results as early as the second visit.

Pamela Wolff, the owner of the new center said “This center will bring an amazing opportunity for our whole community to have access to a truly transformative experience. Lives will be changed for the better and we will make our community stronger one person at a time, giving them the ultimate physical freedom to live the life they want and deserve.”

A CommunityStrong day is planned for Saturday, April 13th with tours, refreshments and free sessions, Visitors can enter to win a free month as well as other great prizes and OsteoStrong will donate all new members’ enrollment to local non-profits.

About OsteoStrong®
A natural way to trigger your body’s adaptive responses through the central nervous system to improve bone density and physical strength, OsteoStrong® uses patented spectrum equipment to deliver a sweat-free session that is painless and requires only 60-seconds of effort per week. Over 35,000 people have seen significant results, making OsteoStrong® the best choice for strong bones, muscles, and balance in the world. Individuals can become their own success story and be part of a world-wide wellness revolution.

Learn more about OsteoStrong® by visiting: www.OsteoStrong.me. For press inquiries, please contact Pamela Wolff via wolff@osteostrong.com or at 412.365.5667

OSTEOSTRONG Pittsburgh East Eastside Bond
6125 Spirit Street
Pittsburgh PA 15658

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