ONEDAY2020- The God-sized movement heads to Nashville, TN!

02/20/2020 16:00 - United States, Texas, Dallas - (PR Distribution™)

Susie Jennings, who is the Founder of Operation Care International has been attending the National Religious Broadcasters Convention for years. This year will be different because Susie will be speaking in Nashville and sharing the God-sized vision of ONEDAY2020. ONEDAY2020 is a worldwide evangelistic birthday celebration for Jesus. On December 19, 2020 all 50 states and 60 countries will love on the homeless and those in poverty. Each guest will hear the good news of the gospel! The trademark of Operation Care International has always been footwashing and providing footwear for those in need. 

There will be an evangelistic celebration at 7pm to wrap up this historic day! Susie Jennings is excited to share some ONEDAY2020 update and will be holding a press conference in Nashville at the NRB as well. This assignment is impossible from a human perspective but God is clearly bringing the pieces of ONEDAY2020 together! ONEDAY2020 Director Mike Tirone said, “This event is about unity. We say One Body, One World, ONEDAY2020! We are stronger together.” Susie Jennings said “The event we have done in Dallas for 16 years at the Dallas Convention Center has been incredible. 

God has given me the vision for ONEDAY2020 over the years since 2013 when I would spend time with Him fasting and praying. Each year God would provide another piece to the puzzle. First, God told me it would be in 50 states and the next year God told me to include other nations. God even gave me the names for the speakers at our Celebration Party in the evening.” This historic event is about celebrating and lifting up the name of Jesus. Mike says, “This is not an Operation Care International thing or Susie Jennings thing, this is a kingdom of God thing.” Operation Care International has always been about meeting the spiritual and physical needs of the least of these. If you would like to interview Susie Jennings in Nashville you can coordinate the interview with Mike Tirone @ 817-247-6487. For more information on this global movement check out www.ONEDAY2020.org

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