NYIS Case Management System 2.0 is Online Now

09/26/2019 12:00 - United States - (PR Distribution™)

NYIS released the new version of its case management system. Compared to its former version, case management system 2.0 brings more convenience to both NYIS’ clients and staff.

“With our business expanding to different industries and clients’ requirements growing, we need a better system to serve our staff and clients,” Buck, NYIS’ CRM manager said.

Case management system 2.0 adds a new case management module, which simplifies the working steps and increases work efficiency. “When I search for one client’s name, I can see all his cases,” said Jane, NYIS’ customer service manager. “Formerly, I only saw a list of his name and had to click every his name to see his case.” It also optimizes management and cooperation. NYIS’ managers can directly assign a case to staff members through the new system, instead of using another system.

NYIS was founded in 2013, with its headquarters located in Manhattan and branches in California and Asia. In the last six years, NYIS has achieved a variety of successes in different business segments. Since 2013, NYIS has been committed to developing cutting-edge technology and changing the professional services industry, including law, real estate, insurance and hospitality. 

NYIS’ new system provides better experiences for its clients by putting them first. The link between the new system and telephones can help staff members quickly search for information about the client, which will decrease the client’s waiting time. The new system sends emails and SMS messages automatically to update clients on their cases. Most importantly, the new system protects clients’ privacy even better. People unrelated to the case, including NYIS staff members, don’t have access to clients’ information.

NYIS has been committed to offering better service to its clients. The company plans to release a new app this year that will provide a convenient way for clients to communicate with staff members.

About NYIS:

NYIS is a pioneering company that applies the “platform and self-operated” Amazon business model to the professional service industry in the United States. NYIS’ service areas include law, insurance, real estate and hospitality.

The NYIS platform matches professional services for each unique client need. Through this platform, NYIS recommends businesses and welcomes other service providers who might like to partner with us to serve the community. 

NYIS official website: www.nyis.com

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