"Number 9 Mine" - Remembers WV Mining Disaster - 50 Years Later

2018-11-13 14:01:12 - FARMINGTON, WV - (PR Distribution™)

“Number 9 Mine” RELEASED

Remembering The 1968 West Virginia Mining Disaster 

On 50th Anniversary – Pennsylvania Band Releases New Video 

In Tribute To 78 Lost Coal Miners On 20 November 1968

Farmington, WV – After 50 years, The Front Porch Country Band today released “NUMBER 9 MINE” – their new video tribute to the 78 coal miners who lost their lives in the West Virginia tragedy on November 20, 1968 at Number 9 Mine in Farmington, WV. The video features the band’s haunting song of the same name.


“We wanted to honor all the miners who devote their lives to bringing energy up from deep within the earth for the benefit of all of us,” says Joseph Paul Hauserman, the band’s drummer. “The disaster occurred only 20 miles south of Pennsylvania. We remain close to our nearby mining communities. Coal mining continues to be dangerous work to this day, and it deserves the nation’s admiration and respect.”


The Front Porch Country Band rocketed to national and world-wide acclaim with the release of America Standing Tall,” their tribute to fallen heroes of the 9/11 disasters in 2001. Their original songs topped the charts of global music sites. A world tour followed. The band became America’s ambassadors of country music to the nation of China as exclusive guests of the US-China Foundation. They headlined for weeks on their tour of China’s greatest cities where they performed their Original American Country music to standing ovations on the world’s greatest stages. The world tour led to more creative breakthroughs, includingChristmas Once Upon A Time,” their hour-long television broadcast special, and the release of numerous new original albums. 


The Pennsylvania band is comprised of six seasoned stage and studio musicians performing their "Original America Country " offering powerful influences of rock, folk, pop, and Americana. The band's distinctive popular sound can be found on hundreds of songs all influenced by the band’s versatility – each member proficient on numerous instruments and sharing time on lead vocals. 




The Front Porch Country Band wrote & released “Number 9 Mine” – their new video tribute to

the 78 coal miners who lost their lives in the West Virginia tragedy 50 years ago on 20 November 1968. 

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