Nowigence Launches game-changing Artificial Intelligence Platform

06/05/2019 06:00 - United States, Oregon, Beaverton - (PR Distribution™)

Nowigence CEO Anoop Bhatia announced today the release of Pluaris capable of extracting relevant content from various sources used in your day-to-day work and organizing, storing, and delivering tailored intelligence as per your preferences in ready-to-use formats.

Nowigence is an up and coming SaaS company that utilizes Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning to automatically extract and synthesize sales intelligence from both unstructured and structured data.

With over 2.5 billion GBs of data created daily.  90% of sales leaders cite information overload for missing quotas. So much so that 57% of sales representatives surveyed in 2018 missed their sales quotas the prior year, according to Forbes. To make matters worse, nearly half of a sales representative’s time is spent on administrative tasks. The overwhelming amount of information is distracting and slows down the core engines of business, generating sales.

“Our AI product helps you create your own extended memory and provides you the choice to share your notes with your peers or with all the sales professionals within your company. We create institutional memory. It is only when we can recall the conditions that caused past events that we arm ourselves with the capability to predict future scenarios. 90% of the data is textual and conversational. Without systematic extraction and comprehension of signals from text and conversations, further blended with readily available industry standard quantitative or number-based data sets, no work done previously by sales reps for forecasting their sales and business planning can be accurate or a comprehensive summary of available intelligence” said Bhatia

About Nowigence 
Nowigence specializes in automatically comprehending the content of textual and conversational (unstructured) data. 90% of all data is unstructured. Nowigence delivers intelligence by synthesizing bits and pieces of related content in its right context around various topics from myriads of internal and external data sources. Unlike many of our competitors, we allow full control to our users providing them the capabilities to upload or integrate with other IT platforms like CRM or Team Collaboration platforms to bring their own data in various formats, creating an institutional memory. We then use this memory to exploit hidden patterns and generate better decision boundaries.  We target sales professionals. The benefits are higher win rates and a significant increase in sales effectiveness and productivity.

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