Next Trucking Deals with Continuing COVID-19 Challenges

2020-05-13 08:37:39 - United States, California, Los Angeles - (PR Distribution™)

NEXT Trucking, a California-based FreightTech company that helps keep shippers and carriers connected, recently addressed a number of issues that directly relate to the novel coronavirus that has affected most of the world in some capacity. The company has focused hard on providing adaptability for shippers as they deal with this trying time, making life as easy as possible.

For companies to feel as confident as possible with NEXT Trucking, the company continues to rapidly make changes to offer viable solutions. Whether that means helping companies with their severely changed supply chains, providing storage, and so much more, companies have one less thing to worry about. A few of the biggest examples of rapid changes made by NEXT include:

They are helping large retailers having trouble moving goods from their distribution centers to local facilities. When each day is extremely important, NEXT Trucking was able to meet their biggest clients needs in less than one day, using strategic planning and their unique hybrid model to coordinate everything.

One of the top United States pharmacies instantly turned to NEXT to help with their drayage needs. NEXT has partnerships at the Los Angeles and Long Beach ports, which means shippers have access to goods at a faster rate that other providers just can't match. In certain situations, they can shave up to five days off of a different provider’s time.

With so much congestion going on at the ports, there is a 3PL that is currently using NEXT’s yard space so that they do not get charged demurrage fees. The facility is located very close to the Port of Long Beach, so it saves this 3PL a lot of money in the short term as everything else sorts out.

All in all, flexibility is the name of the game for NEXT right now. They understand that everyone is dealing with COVID-19 in different ways, so offering help can only be a benefit for those really need. The company is hoping to continually come up with new ideas so that shippers do not have to worry too much about any essentials.

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NEXT Trucking offers some of the best ways to connect shippers with freight capacity. Their headquarters are in El Segundo, California, and they continually work with some of the top companies in the world. Their specialty is being a dredge leader, as well as a free tech pioneer. Their official website is

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