Newsom drunk? Comparing un-vax to drunk driving?

2021-07-29 22:31:36 - Corte Madera, California, United States - (PR Distribution™)

Corte Madera, CA: Dr. Don Harte, noted chiropractic activist, 40-year chiropractic veteran, and former Libertarian State Senate candidate, asks, “What is the matter with our governor, comparing driving drunk to not getting the Covid-19 non-vaccine vaccine?”

Dr. Harte states, “Newsom has exposed the real plot and plan of this far grossly-exaggerated pandemic.” He goes on: “Newsom, along with innumerable would-be dictators… federal, state and local… are not, at all, out to protect anyone from Covid or anything else. His idiotic ‘drunk driving’ comment nailed it!”

“First off,” according to Dr. Harte, “your health is your own responsibility. The health of children is their parents’ responsibility. Government has no business interfering in our health.” He continues: “We have protection of ‘our person’ enshrined in the Fourth Amendment. And then there’s the Nuremburg Code, which includes informed consent, which came out of the Nazi medical horror show. Has Newson never heard of these things?”

“This new, at least for the USA, mass health propaganda… ‘We’re all in this together’… is an authoritarian conception,” says Dr. Harte. “This is now manifesting,” he charges, “in the new ‘This is a pandemic of the unvaccinated.’ This is so scientifically absurd, that I am amazed that these government clowns in white coats have the nerve to verbalize this. It is these clowns, in positions of awesome power, who are truly conspiracy theorists.”

“Basic principles of immunology are being ignored, as the government M.D.’s come out with outright falsities.” says Dr. Harte. “They have so perverted the public view that regular people, who think, now, that they speak with scientific authority, are saying that the dreaded Delta variant/mutant is coming from unvaccinated people.” He goes on: “I am not a historian, but I do have a decent knowledge of history. Therefore, I can see where this is going, the majority turning against a minority… Us vs. Them… just like 1930’s Germany. The coming vaccine passport will be the new ‘Show me your papers!’”

“Would-be dictators like Newson,” Dr. Harte charges, “are adding to this monstrous division of the American people, for control and power. They are using fear of a no-so-dangerous virus to destroy our very way of life. You believe them because they have hack M.D.’s behind them? Hitler and Stalin did, too!”

“Time for some real science,” Dr. Harte offers. “Every virus mutates. The mutation is almost always more transmissible, but less virulent. The vaccine is not a real vaccine; it is gene therapy, an untried, unproven experiment. These so-called vaccines are officially experimental, under emergency authorization. ‘They’ are making the Delta variant a big deal to extend the emergency, and their illegal, immoral powers. Even the tests are ‘experimental.’ The CDC just admitted that the PCR test, which launched all this hysteria, with the stoked-up numbers, as not diagnostic. Dr. Kary Mullis, inventor of PCR, Nobel Laureate, declared that his test is not diagnostic. The CDC admitted, last August, that only 6% of the alleged Covid-19 deaths had no co-morbidities. TRANSLATION: They probably died of something else. So, 6% of 600,000 is… 36,000, a very average flu year.”

“You want some real government medical idiocy?” asks Dr. Harte. “’They’ want those who’ve had Covid, who have natural immunity, to get the shot. They should read a book. Natural immunity is always superior to artificial immunity. And now, their distortions have become out-and-out lies, claiming that 99% of the new cases are unvaccinated. Oh, they continue to call a positive test, often false-positive, using a questionable test, in a person who is not sick, as a ‘case.’”

Dr. Harte asks, “For this, we stop the world? People are always dying. Even Drs. Fauci and Walensky cannot stop death, itself.”

“The whole forced vaccine thing” says Dr. Harte, “is a pseudoscientific fantasy, and an affront to liberty.” He continues, “If the vaccine works, why would anyone who’s vaccinated fear those who are not. But, then, if they vaccine works, why are masks, again, being mandated for the vaccinated? None of these authoritarian measures had or have any scientific validity. None have worked, in real life. These measures have only resulted in mass suffering, including the destruction of countless small businesses and jobs, increase domestic abuse, drug overdoses and suicides. Oh, let’s not forget the mass destruction of the mental health of our children. Newsom wants kids, at virtually no risk, to be masked in school. And, officially, the ‘vaccine’ was never proven, at all, to confer immunity, not to prevent transmission. There is no upside, here.”

Dr. Harte concludes, “Perhaps the governments of California, New York, Michigan, etc. are responsible for more suffering, sickness and death than the virus itself. Plus, it now appears that the NIH, itself, lead by the infamous Dr. Fauci, is responsible for the creation of this virus at the Wuhan Virology Laboratory. Instead of being in Washington, he should be in Guantanamo.” 

Dr. Don Harte, former medical student, is a principled, traditional chiropractor serving Marin and the Greater Bay Area since 1981. He is an activist in the struggle for free speech for chiropractors. Dr. Harte was named 2006 “Chiropractor of the Year” by the World Chiropractic Alliance (WCA). He has served on the Boards of the WCA and the Council on Chiropractic Practice. His articles have been published in OMNI magazine, San Francisco Chronicle, Marin Independent Journal, North Bay Biz, Chiropractic Journal and Journal of the California Chiropractic Association. He has spoke at Sherman College of Chiropractic in South Carolina, and Life-West Chiropractic College in Hayward, California.

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