New Patients Inc releases Covid Care Kit™ to help dental practices communicate to new and existing patients

06/01/2020 13:00 - United States, Nevada, Las Vegas - (PR Distribution™)

Las Vegas, NV — New Patients Inc today announced the release of a package of patient communication tools to help dentists communicate with their patients about changes in the dental office and to help them understand the steps their dentist is taking to ensure everyone’s safety. NPI’s CEO, Mark Dilatush says, “Dentists everywhere, from all corners of the US and a few from other countries, have asked New Patients Inc to provide internal and external messaging to existing and potentially new dental patients as they work their way through the impact of the virus on their own dental practices.

” New Patients Inc Founder, Howie Horrocks said, “We figured every dentist out there needs a library of messaging they could customize as their own and get out quickly. Amazingly, even though many dentists are complaining about being at home too long, the days leading up to re-opening are hectic! This kit will come in handy as things start back up.” The kit consists of dozens of messaging tools, such as on hold messaging, postcards and electronic messages to the patient base, in office signage, social media messaging and more. NPI is offering their Covid Care Kit to dentists everywhere free of charge.

Dentists can just go to https://www.newpatientsinc.com/covid-care-kit/ to download their kit. Dilatush also notes, “If you know other dental colleagues who might want this kit for their practice, go ahead and share the link in your various dental forums (Dentaltown, Facebook, wherever you communicate with colleagues).

Our objective is to help as many dental practices as possible.” About New Patients Inc. New Patients Inc has been a pioneer in new patient marketing for dentists for over 30 years. New Patients Inc operates in every medium that has a statistical track record of success, using both online and offline media. NPI has invested millions into testing so the doctor and staff don’t have to engage in expensive trial and error. NPI’s purpose is to be the practice’s marketing department thus freeing up the doctor and staff to serve their patients.

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