New Paper Uncovers STEM Learning Opportunities via School Field Trips

2021-08-20 15:46:25 - United States, Illinois, Willowbrook - (PR Distribution™)

Student Travel Planning Guide (STPG) has released a new whitepaper detailing the importance of STEM field-based education and the ways educators can connect with travel-based learning opportunities to enhance STEM in-classroom learning. It can be accessed free of charge directly from the website.

The paper explores how educators often overlook the possibility of travel as a way to enhance STEM education, despite the known benefits of learning outside the classroom. During field trips, students engage with unique learning tools that encourage exploration of STEM in non-traditional ways. Oftentimes, hands-on participation can be a game-changer for students to connect real life experiences with the traditional textbook material.

“When students get outside the classroom, they see that what they learn within the walls of that classroom can help them solve real-life problems,” said Jeff Gayduk, publisher at STPG.

In recent years, large private sector companies have stepped up to the plate, contributing to a growing awareness of STEM education by opening their doors to students eager to learn from professionals in the field. 

Companies such as Target, Amazon and Facebook are also beginning to shift their attention to awareness and support of STEM education. As this paper illustrates, additional commitment is needed from within the educational system, private industry and travel sector to make field-based learning easily accessible to any child who has a desire to learn.

With this whitepaper, Student Travel Planning Guide hopes to spark an interest in new STEM-based travel and encourage educators to consider the option as a way to enhance their classroom experience. Download a free copy at

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