New Commercial Indoor Drone for Power Plants, Infrastructure and Mining

10/29/2019 16:00 - United States, Nevada, Las Vegas - (PR Distribution™)

Autonomous tech company Digital Aerolus launches new UAV Aertos™130IR for mining, infrastructure, power plant inspections.

Digital Aerolus announces a new indoor commercial drone to the Aertos™ family, the Aertos™ 130IR. The innovative inspection drone uses artificial intelligence and patented autonomous technology to fly without the need for GPS or external sensors. The 130IR’s rugged design is designed for harsh environments like the other UAVs in the Aertos™ product family.

Features of the Aertos™ 130IR include:

Improved, larger visual band sensor for better data in challenging low-light environments with a more extensive dynamic range

IR sensor providing thermal data useful in inspections and public safety applications

Improved control systems allowing more aerodynamic stability, increased flight time, and enhanced overall performance

"The 130IR is another tool to address the complex needs of key industries that need a commercial drone for GPS-denied inspections", says Jeff Alholm, CEO at Digital Aerolus. "The Aertos™ 130IR allows for power plant and infrastructure inspections to gather data on a new level."

Digital Aerolus announces the new product on the first day of the Commercial UAV Expo, one of the most significant commercial drone events in the industry. Pre-orders for the Aertos™ 130IR will begin on November 1st. For more information on the Aertos™ 130IR, please visit DigitalAerolus.com/Aertos-130-IR.

About Digital Aerolus:  Digital Aerolus is an autonomous technology company with 18 patents (granted and in-progress) covering our work. We design and build autonomous, unmanned vehicle technologies to operate on vehicles in the air (UAV or drone), on the ground (UGV), in water (UWV), and underwater (UUV). Currently, Digital Aerolus uses our proprietary technologies to create the most powerful industrial drones in the market for indoor and confined space areas. Please visit our website to learn more, DigitalAerolus.com.

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