National Security Guard Firms Now Offer Active-Shooter Defense

02/14/2019 05:25 - HOUSTON, TX - (PR Distribution™)

Are you looking for options to protect yourself, clients, employees, students, and customers from active shooters? Nationwide Investigations & Security, Inc. is now offering its security guard and active-shooter defense services on a national scale. 

Founded in 1999, Nationwide Investigations & Security, Inc. is a professional security & defense services firm which provides multiple security-related services to its existing clients, large and small businesses, and the general public. With over 20 years of service and more than 70 years of combined tactical management experience, there are few, if any, security concerns that Nationwide Investigations & Security, Inc. isn’t equipped to resolve in a positive fashion.

A National Security Services Firm

Although we’re headquartered in Houston, TX, we provide security services throughout the nation. The specific regions of the nation in which we’re currently active include Boston, Phoenix, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Austin, Dallas, San Antonio, Mobile, Memphis, Nashville, Atlanta, Chicago, Miami, Pittsburgh, and New York. Our firm is in the process of expanding into more areas so if you don’t see your geographic area of concern listed; it doesn’t mean that we don’t have existing operations in the area.

Not Just Armed & Unarmed Security Services

We provide a rich and in-depth service to our clients. Our security services include armed security officers, unarmed security guards, bodyguard and VIP protection, advanced security systems with entry access control & CCTV monitoring systems, active shooter and anti-sniper defense. Our firm also offers fire-watch & fireguard safety services, private investigations, and independent occupational safety and health (OSHA) inspection & preparatory audits.

Active Shooter Defense Security

In this day and age, troubled members of our society are known to penetrate gun-free zones and other soft-targets for the purpose of causing pain, anguish, and carnage to make political points or to fulfill their narcissistic desires for attention and validatory infamy. People shouldn’t have to be seriously injured or mortally wounded due to the actions of the few misguided souls who unfortunately live among us. Especially when options exist to prevent such an incident.

Preventing School Shootings

Catastrophic events like school shootings and active shooter situations in public places can be easily, quickly, and effectively countered or deterred with the presence of highly trained, disciplined, and dedicated armed security guards or tactical security specialist as provided by Nationwide Investigations & Security, Inc. Thwarted active shooter incidents which rarely make the news, and we intend to do our part to keep it that way by doing our part to ensure public safety and supplement state and local law enforcement authorities.

For more information about our active shooter defense services, reach out to Nationwide Investigations & Security, Inc. to schedule an in-person meeting or a phone conference. To contact our national hotline, call 1-800-294-6042 at any time of the day or night.

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