MTV/VH1 Reality Star is selling a piece of his body for Advertising with a Permanent TATOO on eBay!!

2018-11-02 19:50:16 - DEER PARK, NEW YORK - (PR Distribution™)

A MTV/VH1 Reality star is alleging to sell a piece of space on his left arm for Tattoo advertising to pay for his mothers house, He goes on my saying that it will help his mother out a lot though the struggling times and will produce a lot of views through the crazy idea that who would have someone pay them for a permanent tattoo on there body. 


Down below is a link to where he is auctioning off his ad on eBay with a lot more details. 

Pricing starts at $25,000

in my opinion if you got the money and your a business this is a good idea to get a lot of exposure.

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