MONQ launches Therapeutic Fragrance® Bottled Essential Oil Blends

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Aromatherapy and natural wellness company introduces a new collection of essential oil bottled blends for aromatherapy anywhere®.

Goodlettsville, Tenn. (January 2, 2019) - A leader in aromatherapy and natural wellness, MONQ, LLC, a Nashville, Tennessee, based e-commerce company announced the release of their new Therapeutic Fragrance® bottled blend collection. 

The MONQ bottled blend collection launched with seven essential oil blends—Zen, Sleepy, Peace, FOCUS, Ocean, Autumn, and Mistletoe. 

“MONQ is excited to release MONQ Therapeutic Fragrance® bottled blends! At MONQ, we are proud of our cornerstone product—the first personal aromatherapy diffuser. Adding this essential oil bottled blend collection lets customers choose their blend and choose their experience. Our hope is to truly deliver aromatherapy anywhere® using the method that best complements the customers’ wellness journeys,” said CEO and Founder Eric Fishman, M.D.  

MONQ relies on science to create synergistic essential oil blends designed to elicit emotional responses and produce therapeutic benefits. Each blend in the collection was specially crafted by a certified aromatherapist and produced in MONQ’s lab. 

Zen—a MONQ favorite—is designed to bring balance and clarity of mind. This blend is perfect for calming the mind and body while inducing a state of relaxation. 

Sleepy was created with sleep science in mind. The chemistry of the blend helps relax the body and prepare the mind for sleep. 

Peace quiets the mind, removing cobwebs of clutter and doubt, so users can experience inspired creativity, calm, and contentment.

FOCUS draws on the power of nootropic essential oils to boost productivity, enhance vision, and help the user achieveflow state. MONQ recommends diffusing FOCUS at the office, when studying, or before working out. 

Ocean is designed to evoke a sense of freedom and adventure when it is diffused. Featuring the rich aromas of cypress leaf, geranium rose, and ocean pine, this blend lifts the mind and the body.

Autumn and Mistletoe are seasonal blends that play on the power of nostalgia to elicit happy memories of holidays and hearth. Autumn is characterized by the scents of fall—cassia, clove bud, and sweet orange. Mistletoe builds from essential oils derived from recycled Christmas trees and refined by frankincense and sweet myrrh to conjure yuletide memories. 

MONQ Therapeutic Fragrance® bottled blends join MONQ’s full line of products featuring MONQ’s original personal aromatherapy diffusers, MONQ R—a rechargeable and sustainable aromatherapy device, desktop diffusers, and aromatherapy jewelry

MONQ bottled blends and the full line of MONQ products are available for purchase on MONQ.com.

About MONQ

MONQ, LLC headquartered in Goodlettsville, Tenn. blends the ancient and modern—nature with technology—to improve human lives one breath at a time, helping you feel better, do better, be better. 

Founded in 2014, by Eric Fishman, M.D., MONQ strives to guide others on their self-enrichment journey to live happier, healthier lives. This was born out of Dr. Fishman’s desire to move from helping just one patient at a time as an orthopedic surgeon to sharing natural health and wellness with many—anytime, anywhere. 

For more information about MONQ and its products, visit MONQ.com. 

If you would like to be a distributor of MONQ, please contact us at sales@monq.com.


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