MIND THE GAP - Healthy Body, Aligned Mind & Executive Coaching

01/17/2020 18:00 - United States, Florida, Miami Beach - (PR Distribution™)

Join 3 Coaches for a Value Packed Day. Bridge the Gap with a complete and well-rounded session incorporating Healthy Body, Aligned Mind & Executive Coaching.


"Mind The Gap" is a sign in London you see before you get on the subway. "Mind the Gap" refers to the empty spaces in our lives that need a bridge. It refers to different domains: our spirituality, our health, our connection with our bodies, and our connection with God.

How to Bridge the Gap:

We created a jam-packed, 1 day session that covers all areas of our lives, providing practical tools and tricks that can be applied instantly to bridge those gaps!

3 experts in their fields will cover topics to Ignite you to take action, to Connect you with those around you and yourself taking care of your body, to make you Thrive in all areas of your life - just like you have it in your masterplan.

About Us:
Ana Cristina De Sa is a BioSacred Coach who will take us through shifts in mindset, understanding and incorporating our spaces and creating a shift in our homes, workplaces and our communities by switching the lens we use to view our world.

Barbara Moraes is a certified Health & Wellness guru; in this section she will teach us about key elements that we can incorporate daily that will maximize our bodies to execute on the fast-paced demands of our lives, effortlessly.

Juliana Faus is a certified Executive Coach with 20 years of Corporate experience who will take us through the Energy Leadership methodology to gain more energy in our everyday lives, and become exceptional leaders at work and at home.

Sneak Peek on the Day:
1.5 hour session with each Coach
Snacks will be provided during the session
There will be giveaways (some with a value up to $800!), and you'll take home cool and practical materials to apply in your life that same day.

You'll FEEL the difference instantly.

Are you ready to BE the change, with Flair?

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