Mighty Travels Announces Version 3.6 of Their Cheap Flight Finding Algorithm

2019-04-23 13:06:46 - United States - (PR Distribution™)

On March 26, 2019, Mighty Travels announced version 3.6 of their cheap flight finding algorithm. The following announcement details this update, as well as its current features.

Mighty Travels is an inexpensive, subscription based, machine learning database that presents travelers with the cheapest airfare they can find by scanning over 450,000 new flights every day, departing from 3,000 destinations. Mighty Travels’ AI based infrastructure finds expeditionaries the cheapest flights, while navigating travelers away from hidden fares, and other unwanted expenses. Mighty Travels’ says their search is so futuristic that they have features that more well known services don’t, such as filtering by cost-per-mile.

Might Travels also highlights airfare based on the custom user queries. So let's say you want to search for first class, from Tokyo, traveling globally, and you want to travel no less than 4000 miles on Virgin, where the maximum price is $400, and the with a Skytrax minimum ranking of 3, and you want to make sure you earn points for Copa ConnectMiles, this would all be possible with Might Travels’ Premium.

Their search interface will tell you the amount you are saving compared to regular fare, the number of points you will generate, as well as any additional fees, such as bag check. 

A more unique feature of Mighty Travels is its “mistake fare” monitoring intelligence, which finds when the airline accidentally lists a lower rate. The savings here can be monumental, sometimes shaving 70-90% off the norm. 

Recently, Mighty Travels announced that it has reactivated their hotel deal query system, which can save travelers 50 - 90% off their normal pricing. An example of this would be that in mid May, let's say you wanted to go to Dubai, and live like a Sultan demi-god for a fraction of the normal price, you could book a room at the Hyatt Regency Dubai Creek Heights for $66 per night, instead of $251, resulting in a 74% savings.

They also have been updating their guide for over one hundred and fifty global cities, such as San Francisco and Austin, to the less explored ones, like Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, and Mauritius.


Here are the updates as of version 3.6:


1) Real Time Deal Trackers

They now receive fare date LIVE and you can make any ‘Deal Tracker’ real time.

You can also assign custom titles to your individual “deal trackers”

2) Shorter Update Cycles

Mighty Travels receives new data every few minutes now.

3) Hotel Deals (Beta)

They analyze the rates at hotels continuously and display them when they are uncommonly inexpensive (70% or more off average rates). So far only major chains and select 5-Star properties are included. Coverage will be extended in future releases.

4) Mistake fares – broader targeting

They are now experimenting with a broader reach on finding “mistake fares.”

5) Debugging


– issues toggling notifications on/off in Dashboard

– issues with certain emails/ SMS not being sent for some users

– several fixes for iPad compatibility

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