MARS ODYSSEY brings the Martian experience to the casual user for the PlayStation®VR

12/15/2019 12:00 - United States, California, Redwood City - (PR Distribution™)

International Publisher & Research Lab HOPLITE RESEARCH LLC today announce that in association with developer STEEL WOOL STUDIOS, the digital release on Playstation® Network of MARS ODYSSEY for the PlayStation®VR with the package version becoming available December 3rd. 

MARS ODYSSEY is the 1st of a series of products featuring HR GAMES’ COFFEE TABLE VRTM casual content for the VR experience. 

Designed and developed by Steel Wool Studios, Mars Odyssey is a single player VR and Non-VR simulator experience.  Land on the Red Planet.  Walk the surface of Mars in your living room and interact with full scale, realistic NASA Landers and Rovers. 

Learn about the Red Planet, its history, and its geography in this interactive experience.   “VR is much more than simply a first person experience dodging or jumping, but a casual immersive role exchange.” states Manny Granillo, Hoplite Research LLC Labs Chief Designer.  “We see VR as a character shift in which the user imitates himself in a casual environment which we prepare as an experience.  Focusing primarily on the experience instead of the journey, our new category of Coffee Table VRTM will invite, encourage and enable the casual user to participate in the VR universe.”  “The experience isn’t strictly educational, though it is designed to help you learn more about Mars. “mentioned Andrew Dayton, Steel Wool Studios CEO.  “To that end, we have used exact NASA Engineering schematics and locations of the Rovers for authenticity.  We have also utilized NASA’s terrain and height map data and information to re-create a realistic Martian surface. “ 

In MARS ODYSSEY, you’re tasked with heading to the surface of the planet from an orbiting space station to make repairs on equipment.  The game uses a teleportation system in combination with room scale tracking for locomotion, allowing you to step onto Virtual Mars and interact with Virtual NASA equipment.

Mr. Granillo goes on to say that “Its not enough to simply build Virtual environments and attempt to imitate reality through either an avatar or in first person.  The casual user must be compelled to experience and explore new senses in ways that amaze and provoke emotional responses as a child tastes chocolate for the first time.”  


  • PlayStation VR compatible including Move Controller support.
  • Complete non-VR controller support
  • Uses official NASA data and information for re-creating the Martian surface
  • Authentic equipment used by NASA replicated using NASA Schematics
  • Holodeck for virtual Solar System tour
  • 8 Missions to experience the surface of Mars
  • Casual and fun experience for EVERYONE  
  • A complete experience for kids, young adults and all ages!
  • VR is not required to experience and play the game!

MARS ODESSEY-- Take a Vacation to Mars!  Available now on Playstation® network for PS4.

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Steel Wool Studios, previously Steel Wool Games, is an Oakland, CA-based independent studio that develops virtual reality games, interactive educational experiences, and narrative projects. Fortified by Pixar, Lucasfilm, Intel, and TellTale Games veterans who bring six decades of creative production experience and passion for great storytelling to the table, the studio aims to advance the state of VR with deft precision of skill or by sheer will, if necessary.  

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