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Looking for scientists theorist philosophers investors I'm looking for scientis intelligence agencies universities institutes academy's investors funding unlimited funding who are looking an exponential entrepreneurs call study of to study all the Sci-Fi genres and fantasy genres and beyond of highly imaginative concepts theories and paradoxes researching things from creating real magic using science that we seen fancy two inventors creating things like time travel and teleportation from exponential entrepreneurs who want to build businesses that mine things like the sun for its energy and diamond planets and parallel universes etcto researchers you want to study things like infinite Le'Veon the multi verse and only verse the whole fabric of reality to similarity Xbox one to criticize system that can create technology Dion's I had of its time to creating the singulair t. That the super AAI system could also create technology from other plans of assistance in bring it to arts instance to researchers inside his who want to study things the physics of parallel universe is & beyond that so we can create anything you want and are you on universe by manipulating Palo universes physics synthetic biologist who wore to create synthetic intelligent life forms that have quantum computer and civilization is inside their head that can create infinite these walls conscience entities inside them second create infinite only versus if you're interested contact me for more info lots lots lots more ideas from all genres of sci-fi and fantasy and my own thoughts highly imaginative

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