Mad for Chicken Officially Approved for Franchising. Eyes GLOBAL MARKET Expansion!

04/07/2020 19:00 - FLUSHING, NY - (PR Distribution™)

Chicken You Will NEVER Forget!

Mad for Chicken has been in operations since 2006. With their first branch that opened in Flushing NY, it proved to be one of the best fried chicken restaurants in town. Their famous Korean-style fried chicken instantly became everybody’s favorite meal on the menu. Customers kept coming back for more, it’s success was so great that a second branch was established in Brooklyn NY, where the same amount of success was achieved. As the company continues to flap their wings toward greater ventures, a third & fourth branch totaling over 10,000 square feet is expected to open soon in Sunnyside & Bayside NY. Once again proving just how marketable their products are to the general public.

What makes their meals unforgettable?

MFC takes pride in their house specialty, the Korean-style fried chicken. With every bite, customers can enjoy the satisfying crunchy taste of this premium hand-brushed flavor made from their signature sauce (yes, they have a “secret recipe”... mysterious, right?). Adding to the unique taste of their chicken is that everything is made using the best ingredients.

Aside from their signature fried chicken, their menu is also lined up with several other food choices that cater to every person’s taste buds cravings.

Buffalo wings, scallion chicken, potato twister, mac and cheese melt, nachos, salads, kimchi fries, quesadilla, are just part of what brings customers back regularly!

Giving importance to the health of their customers, MFC has made it a point to use only fresh ingredients that contain little to no GMO at all – even their free-range farm-grown chickens are free from hormones and antibiotics. This makes their meals not only sumptuous but nutritious too.

Franchising and Global Market Opportunity

New York is just the first stop; the company now eyes global expansion as they aim to open and give exclusive territory to their franchisees. The company is proud to announce that they are now accepting franchise partners who are willing and interested (and perhaps just a bit mad) to venture with them as they bring New York’s finest Korean-style fried chicken into key cities worldwide.

For more information, please visit their website at www.madforchicken.com or email info@madforchicken.com

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