Lifetime Wellness & Chiropractic with Dr. Mooberry Presents: The Top 3 Areas to Address to Stop Your Headaches & Migraines

12/08/2020 12:16 - DENVER, COLORADO - (PR Distribution™)

Lifetime Wellness & Chiropractic presents: Headaches & Migraines Webinar: Get your life back! Taking place online this month only, featuring: Stories, the top 3 causes of headaches and migraines, suggestions for relief at home, testing to uncover the cause, our approach to help Headaches & Migraines and as well as a special gift!

Denver, CO Chiropractor, Dr. Mooberry  is proud to bring this webinar to GET YOUR LIFE BACK!

For the month of December the Headaches and Migraines Webinar: The top 3 ways to stop your headaches and migranies! 

More details about the event: 

  • Success stories including one from Kristin who couldn’t work or drive for over 5 years due to headaches & migraines; what causes headaches & migraines; sugesstions on nutrition, ergonomics and what to look for when tests come back negative, tests can find the underlying cause and a special gift
  • Everyone is welcome to attend!
  • This is FREE for a limited time, just register online click hereto get access to the webinar before it is gone.
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“Our goal for our patients is to improve their state of well being and improve their human potential”
- Dr. Mooberry, DC 

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