Liberty Auto Protection Ocean NJ Demonstrates Corporate Social Responsibility

10/15/2019 14:00 - United States, New Jersey, Ocean City - (PR Distribution™)

Liberty Auto Protection Ocean NJ is working tirelessly to give back to the community via worthy causes. The auto insurance firm is well known for its extended warranty plans designed to provide peace of mind for vehicle owners.

The company's charitable activities provide a way to demonstrate corporate responsibility. Liberty is driven to adopt new approaches towards issues related to the ethics and quality of the company-society relationship.

Corporate social responsibility is now considered an important element for business development and for establishing positive business relationships with so-called stakeholders.

Sustainability should not be thought of as being restricted to the environment just as social responsibility is not limited to actions or investments in social projects.

Similarly, corporate social responsibility means understanding and acting in response to ongoing demand from society. Hence, Liberty understands that the value generated by a company is reflected in benefits not only for its shareholders but also for the positive impact on all those affected by its operations.

This can extend to the environment and the community (its own employees and the rest of society), respecting their culture and acting ethically and transparently.

A force for good

Today, the concepts that guide socially responsible management are linked to the ethical and transparent relationship with communities For this reason, Liberty Auto Protection Ocean NJ helps preserve the environment for future generations. In turn, these ideals bring many benefits to society in general and the organization.

The firm commits its resources to projects of public interest not just through charitable practice. This is achieved through voluntary actions, which are planned and closely monitored. They are aimed at improving the quality of life of citizens and strengthening bonds of trust.

The concept of corporate social responsibility assumes that business activity includes commitments to the entire production chain of the company. This encompasses customers, employees, suppliers, communities and the environment.

This conception relates to stakeholder theory. The individuals or groups that depend on the organization to achieve its goals and on which the company depends to function.

Corporate social responsibility represents a commitment to the idea of the organization as a set of people who interact with society.

It assumes the principle that organizations have their origin and their essential ends in people. In turn, society is organized and arranged in various interest groups.

Making an impact 

Liberty's charitable activities make a positive impact on underprivileged communities. The concept of corporate social responsibility quantifies the impact of the company's action in three dimensions. These include economic, social and environmental with the main goal of achieving sustainable development.

You can find several related terms around the concept of social responsibility. Social action: voluntary aid, expressed in economic or other resources, granted by Liberty Auto Protection to external philanthropic projects and socioeconomic development (social assistance, health, education and more).

Auto Warranty

When it comes to business activities, Liberty offers customers a number of extended warranty plans from which to choose. If there is a claim, each policy is calculated as if it were the only one existing to guarantee the losses incurred. When the sum of the coverage calculated in this way is equal to or less than the losses determined, each policy will be responsible for the payment of the respective coverage. 

If, on the contrary, the sum of the repairs exceeds the value of the losses determined, the liability shall be attributed by the distribution of the losses between the policies. That is, based on the proportion between each calculated cost and the sum of the coverage.

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