LED Lighting Inc. Announces VORTEX™ Trailer Safety Lighting System

04/08/2019 15:00 - United States - (PR Distribution™)

LED Lighting Inc. is bringing a new level of visibility and safety to trucking services all over the US and Canada with the launch of its new VORTEX™ Safety Lighting System (patent pending). Available in DIY kits, the VORTEX™ Safety Lighting System is an easy-to-install 12 volt LED solution that increases visibility inside freight trailers while maintaining a small unobtrusive profile. Each VORTEX™ system includes slim high-output LED light bars (6210 lumens at 2.5Amps) and an occupancy sensor that turns off the system when the trailer doors are closed and automatically provides bright, even illumination when the trailer doors are opened.

LED Lighting Inc. is offering the VORTEX™ to trailer dealers, fleet owners, OEMs, and distributors of all sizes. All VORTEX™ kits can be specifically customized for diverse fleets or specific freight services, and different kit sizes are available to accommodate different trailer sizes and freight requirements. Perfect for both delicate trade show shipments and construction site deliveries, the VORTEX™ system is a robust lighting system designed to increase visibility for material handlers and decrease the chance of injury or damaged goods. 

“I have seen firsthand the importance of lighting to maintaining a safe working environment,” said Bill Hood, managing partner of LED Lighting Inc. “The trucking industry operates 24/7, meaning a lot of freight is handled at night, oftentimes with only a dock light to illuminate into the trailer. With the VORTEX, handlers no longer have to rely on a dock light, illumination comes from inside the trailer itself, and it’s almost always brighter.”

For more information about LED Lighting Inc. or the VORTEX™ Safety Lighting System, visit ledlightinginc.com.

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