Launch of EU-regulated TAKADA Absolute Return Fixed Income Fund (TARFIF)

2019-12-02 12:43:56 - United States, Texas, Austin - (PR Distribution™)

TAKADA Asset Management, Inc. (TAM), announces the launch (15th November 2019) of the EU-regulated TAKADA Absolute Return Fixed Income Fund (TARFIF), sub-fund of the Comino Umbrella Fund, SICAV PLC  (Malta).  TARFIF is managed by Fund Management Group (FMG)(Malta) and administered by Apex Fund Services (Malta). FMG boasts a highly qualified and experienced team of investment banking experts headed up by Karl Tonna (General Manager) and Mark Mallia (Portfolio Manager). TAM acts as promoter of and investment advisor to TARFIF. TAM’s Advisory Team comprises Oscar Mendoza (ex-Merrill Lynch, -Frontier Securities and -Morgan Stanley), Jamie Stevenson (ex-Goldman Sachs, -Nomura Bank International PLC and -JP Morgan Chase), Roy Foo (ex Commercial Bank of Qatar), and Thomas O’Rourke (formerly of US Department of the Treasury and the Bermuda Monetary Authority).


“Our focus is on providing safe investment options. The TAKADA Fund is our response to certain key clients' demand for a safe investment vehicle that would provide higher yields and more ?exibility than a ?xed-term deposit. TAKADA Fund ful?ls both these criteria. We invest in safe ?xed-income products and investors have substantial discretion in redeeming their investments. TAKADA fund also has a robust corporate governance structure which, founded on the distribution of key functions to unrelated entities, provides multiple layers of safety and security for our clients” says Oscar Mendoza.


The investment objective of the Sub-Fund is to generate long-term capital appreciation. The investment in the shares of the Sub-Fund is likely to be optimised and more profitable should the investors remain invested for a minimum period of at least three (3) to five (5) years. The Sub-Fund is comprised of five (5) Classes of Investor Shares: Class A USD shares, Class B EUR shares, Class C GBP shares, Class D CAD shares, and Class E AUD shares.


Focusing primarily on debt instruments, TARFIF proposes to target investments such as investment grade bonds or debt securities, issued by sovereign, corporate or municipal issuers, OTC debt securities that are OTC or listed on a regulated market issued by public or private companies, and secured or unsecured promissory notes, debentures, interest only notes or private placement bonds/notes.. However, the Sub-Fund may invest in financial derivative instruments (such as CFD, spot, forward, future or swap derivatives) for efficient portfolio management and to reduce market risk. Such derivatives may have equities as the underlying asset class with the objective of diversifying the risk from the fixed income market and hedging market risk. The Investment Manager may also enter into these financial derivative instruments with the intention to hedge currency risk. Derivatives however, can account for only up to 5-10% of the portfolio.


The investment minimum is EUR 10,000 or its equivalent for all classes of investors.  Although primarily geared to professional investors, the marketing of shares in the Sub-Fund to an investor who is not a Professional Investor as defined in the EU Alternative Investment Manager’s Directive may be undertaken if permitted by the respective jurisdiction in which the investor is located.


There is a single market for funds in the EU which means that a fund which is authorised in one EU state may be marketed throughout the European Union under the licence granted in the home state. The process of marketing a fund across national borders in the EU is referred to as passporting. TARRIF is currently passported into Spain, the UK and Germany. Outside the EU, It is intended to market TARFIF on a world-wide basis and, in particular, to seek to source investors in the United States and Japan.


The fund website is at


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