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Jackson providing leadership, change management, educational consulting through Rise Corp.

Latoya Jackson, an award-winning strategic consultant and educational change management specialist focused on the most at-risk and economically-challenged communities, has the pleasure of announcing that one of her students has achieved a doctorate degree.

Bria Savage, a former student of Ms. Jackson, is now pursuing a residency program after having graduated from the University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences with a doctorate in physical therapy. 

According to Savage, who earned high grades as a young student, Jackson reached her on a deeper level, beyond academic achievement alone:

“She saw the struggles underneath. She gave me that extra oomph in my life, pushing me to be more confident and courageous,” Savage said. “Even though she was the teacher who gave me my first F, she did it because she knew I could do better."

Jackson’s ability to bring about transformational change has marked her career from the start.

Her entire adult life has been dedicated to reaching the most troubled, at-risk and low-income students and walking them step by step towards graduation and success. 

"Ms. Jackson taught me how to balance being a student, having a full-time job, and working as a mentor for younger children,” Savage added. "I would describe her as passionate and selfless. She always made sure her students were fed and had what they needed. I also appreciated her transparency because it taught me to be more transparent in my own life."

Savage’s success is a hallmark of Jackson’s approach. By putting her full faith behind the power of individuals to rise above their circumstances, she has helped countless students, professionals and organizations reach their goals. 

“Working with the most challenging populations has taught me that leadership is about empathy, innovation, adaptability and drive,” Jackson said. “I am very proud of Bria’s success and I look forward to following along as her career thrives into the future.”

Jackson currently offers her consulting services through RISE Corp, which provides rigorous, therapeutic, yet intrinsically centered, evidence-based academic solutions for disadvantaged populations. RISE is convinced that all students can utilize every misfortune as a navigation tool to perfect their intrinsic value and rise to leave their positive imprint on the world.

“I refuse to give up on my mission of transformational change,” Jackson said. “It doesn’t matter where you come from, change is possible, and I am proud to help people along on their journeys towards success, achievement and fulfillment.”

About RISE Corp:

RISE Corp restores the trajectory of student’s lives by offering them the opportunity to intrinsically navigate curriculum, content standards and state requirements through the build-out and use of a “conceptual learning system.” RISE restorative academic programs and services assist individual schools, educational districts and communities in combating the staggering social and economic costs of student populations who are prone to disadvantage outcomes due to economic and socio- emotional outliers. For more information, please see 


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