King Servers and Vladimir Fomenko Helping People Work From Home Comfortably During Pandemic

2020-09-09 16:31:39 - New York, New York - (PR Distribution™)

COVID-19 was a reason for major businesses shut down all over the world. Every part of the globe had to face a significant adverse effect of this virus. Some businesses were on complete shut-down while others had to switch from corporate working lifestyle to work from home. Thousands of companies across the world instructed their employees to stay at home and work from there. Relying on a public server was nothing but a mistake for many businesses. Therefore they had to use dedicated King Servers. 

What are King Servers?

It is a cloud-server company that facilitates its customers through its most efficient VDS/VPS hosting services. Individuals can have their hands on a wide variety of web server solutions such as Forex servers, business servers, dedicated servers, 1C servers, SAMP servers, CDN, and counter-strike servers. Vladimir Fomenko and Pavel Zinkovskiy are the co-founders of King Server, which came into existence in 2008. For more than 12 years, this company is serving its clients with state-of-the-art technology solutions.

Why Individuals Need a Dedicated Server?

For a casual browning experience, a public network and server are certainly the best and cost-effective solutions. However, things become different when it comes to handling work from home. It would be best if you had to get a dedicated server that is designed based on your individual requirements. Every business employee has specific requirements for CPU, RAM, disk space, and software. When people start working from home, they need to look for a software solution that isn't only cost-effective and caters to their individual requirements in the best manner. The rental servers by King servers are certainly the best solution. Every person was able to get access to a server designed to meet his individual needs.

For every business, the privacy of customer's data and information is an absolute must. When an employee uses a shared server, then he has to put information and data on a shared database, and it's where a breach of security happens. Instead of relying on shared resources and applications, a dedicated server user can attain his own space to work with peace of mind. He knows that whatever data and information he is storing on the database is accessible only by him. This level of privacy helps every employee maintain the customer's confidentiality matter. 

Technical Support Matters

Many people who switched to work from home had no idea how to deal with an online work environment. They had to deal with lots of technical issues. In that case, the technical support team of King Servers was there to guide every client on how to use their servers in an easy-to-understand manner. This company has good ratings and reviews from its customers because of its user-friendly dashboard, 24-7 customer support, and flexibility. 

The quick response of its staff is something that makes this server company better than other available companies on the internet. The fact is that many companies offer dedicated servers to its customers. However, when beginners have some technical issues or fundamental problems, then they don't provide quick responses and support. However, clients don't face any such issue with the services of Vladimir Fomenko's company.

Cost-Effective Server Solutions

As more and more people switched their work from the local market to home, demand for dedicated and VPS servers skyrocketed during the pandemic. This increasing demand was a major reason for a price change by server companies. Lots of server solutions are charged higher than regular prices. However, King Servers didn't do that to their customers. They understood how critical the situation was for every business. Therefore they didn't take any advantage from the general public. Instead, they offer their services at the same price. Every individual who started working from home had a chance to enjoy cost-effective server solutions featuring an optimal amount of privacy, flexibility, and reliability.

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