Kinesiotherapy Gets a Makeover with a New Director

09/09/2019 10:00 - United States, District of Columbia, Washington - (PR Distribution™)

The American Kinesiotherapy Association (AKTA) welcomes Kathy Camp, a former model, as the new Executive Director. Ms. Camp has over 19 years of marketing and communications experience in public, private and nonprofit spheres.

“As an athlete and an avid proponent of functional fitness for overall health and wellness, I’m passionate about AKTA, an organization that improves lives through movement science.”

A Kinesiotherapist is a registered health professional trained in the use of scientifically based exercise principles to enhance physical and functional capabilities of an individual. Kinesiotherapy thrives where traditional physical therapy ends. It enables military veterans and private citizens who have been seriously injured or suffer from chronic conditions to live healthy, vibrant lives.

An integral part of the Veteran’s Administration’s Rehabilitation Medicine Service since 1941, this rehabilitation discipline was created during WWII to return active duty soldiers to the front lines as quickly and effectively as possible. Over 80% of registered Kinesiotherapist work in VA facilities around the country.

“Today we kick off National Kinesiotherapy Week. We have a unique story to tell and a distinctive place in the origins of functional fitness,” said Camp. “Our Kinesiotherapists are exceptionally well educated, making them a commodity to be valued and utilized above the fray.”

Through strategic business development and partnerships, AKTA will continue to focus on “improvement through movement,” serving veterans and private clients in facilities, offices and clinics across the nation.

For over ten years Ms. Camp has been a partner in a boutique public relations firm on Capitol Hill. A native of West Point, NY, she will continue to work tirelessly for veterans as they transition from active duty to public service ventures. She resides in Washington, DC.

For more information visit www.AKTA.org, follow us on Twitter @AKenisiology, Instagram @kt_moving and Facebook @AKTAmobilityspecialist.

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