Kickstarter Success: Whole Goals Journal raises 50% in 24 hours for a Daily Planner that helps people to pursue true fulfillment

11/13/2019 16:00 - United States, Colorado, Broomfield - (PR Distribution™)

New daily planner on Kickstarter is half-funded with 23 days still to go, as supporters respond positively to a different kind of daily journal that helps users set and reach the goals of the heart, mind, body and soul

American and French life coaches Andrew Love and Rafael Guignard created the Whole Goals Journal, launched it on November 12 on Kickstarter, at LINK, and saw backers coming in and enthusiastically supporting the campaign at a pace that has left it 50% funded in less than 24 hours.

Passionate for helping people to reach a different kind of goals, Love and Guignard decided to create a daily planner that , unlike conventional journals, does not further push people into the stressful success chase that is so common in modern societies.

"Our combined experience of 10 years helping people led us to conclude that people are unhappy, feel empty and even lost even when they're considered successful," Mr. Love, who professionally helps people deal with addictions, said, "Contrary to public perceptions, what most people truly want are not fame and fortune. They want their lives to be aligned with their values, and they want to feel whole again: they want to feel physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally healthy and balanced, and that's what the Whole Goals Journal helps them to accomplish."

"Stating one's commitment to leading a whole, meaningful and truly fulfilling life may sound inspiring, but we all know that there are just too many distractions in the day-to-day life," commented Mr. Guignard, a professional table tennis player and a rising life coach who works both with English-speaking and Francophone audiences. "The Whole Goals Journal offers a journaling path to fulfillment that is systematized: it's a daily planner with a Morning and Evening assessments, in which people establish their whole goals in the morning and assess the progress that they made in the evening. There are also weekly and monthly assessments. This system allows users to be accountable for what they do and to effectively check whether they're doing what they said they'd do to have a better life or not,"

According to the American Institute of Stress, 83% of US workers suffer from work-related stress, US businesses lose up to $300 billion yearly as a result of workplace stress, depression leads to $51 billion in costs due to absenteeism and $26 billion in treatment costs, and work-related stress causes 120,000 deaths and results in $190 billion in healthcare costs, every year (source: https://www.stress.org/42-worrying-workplace-stress-statistics).

"The Whole Goals Journal intends to help alleviate this situation by helping people to re-focus on themselves and to avoid getting trapped by the stress-inducing success chase and by the constant pressure that social media intensifies by making all of us feel like we also need to be as crazily successful as others appear to be on Instagram", Andrew Love further detailed.

"We want people to feel like they can engage in the pursuit of happiness, balance, and fulfillment on their own terms, and journaling on their way to fulfillment to make sure they don't leave their journey because they didn't have anything to help them stay grounded and focused. This journal is like a person's very own life coach," Rafael Guignard said.

The Whole Goals Journal campaign on Kickstarter at http://kck.st/2rCQEBS is seeking to raise $5,000, $2,522 of which have already been raised in only 24 hours. The funds will be used for the large-scale production of the journal. Kickstarter backers have early and discounted access to the planner in exchange for their support to the campaign.

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